Oats Upgrade for my Oats Envy

Pumpkin Butterscotch Coconut Oats for breakfast:


I made time for stovetop oats this morning. I didn’t time myself today, but I did manage to pick out an outfit for the day while my milk came to a boil. Stovetop oats may be slow, but at least you can kind of multi-task while you make them.

My bowl contained organic pumpkin and organic coconut. I basically made my oats like in this recipe but added coconut whilst cooking and as a topping.




A little protein to keep me fuller longer – Morningstar organic soysage.


Gingerbread coffee

I was supposed to be in AZ this week for work, but the meetings ended up being more for my core team than me. This meant a lighter day of conference calls for me! Hooray! I needed a light day (light on phone conferences, that is).

Post work, I had lots of mini errands to do:

  • Drop off an application and check to dance zumba with the Bobcats! Woot-woot! check
  • Swing by mall to get “Dirty Santa” gift – not-so-check (the gift I had in mind was $5 over the $20 max, but hubby think he can find a coupon)
  • Get groceries – check
  • Cook dinner – check
  • Blog – check (ok, in the works as I type but check once you read this)


I’ve been craving Velveeta Shells & Cheese lately for some random reason so I decided to feed the craving tonight. I got the 2% milk kind, but I’m thinking I like the original best. I’m sure this stuff is terrible for you and I can’t think of any nutritional value it adds, but it sure tastes good. Everything in moderation.

IMG_7102.JPG IMG_7106.JPG

IMG_7110.JPG IMG_7098.JPG

I sauted some all natural chicken I got from Earthfare with some of this Richard’s Delicious Seasoning in olive oil. I also made steamed broccoli, which I think is perfect topped with a drizzle of melted organic butter.




The mac and cheese wasn’t quite as good as I remembered it to be. Think I’m gonna have to go “original” next time. Some things are just better non-“healthified”


A little extra mac and cheese.

*SYTYCD SPOILER* We sat down to dinner just as SYTYCD was ending. I can’t believe they sent Mollee home! Waahh…she was my fave! I also really like Russel, though…I’m hoping he stays for a bit.

As I was taking my first bite of food, Glee came on! I love when one of my fave shows is on as I’m sitting down to dinner. I’m typically such a multi-tasker/workaholic, when I’m eating it’s one of the few times you can catch me sitting still.


Lookie what I got! I found the pine cones I was itching to buy after seeing them at Kate + Nate’s house.



My house reeks of polyurethane still (I can’t believe it!), so I’m hoping these cinnamon-scented pine cones keep us distracted till the stinky smell goes away. So far so good!


Lookie what else I got – an oats upgrade by way of Bob’s Red Mill Extra Thick Rolled Oats.


I’ve had oats envy ever since helping my friend start up his own oatmeal kit this past March (click for post). He wanted to start eating oatmeal for breakfast so I suggested he go for one of the better oats – extra thick. Oh yes! I’m sort of weird about about food and money. Sometimes I can talk myself into buying the more expensive version of something and sometimes I’m really good at talking myself out of buying it. I’ve been able to talk myself out off the more expensive oats for nearly a year, but no more! After running out of oats yesterday and seeing this bag staring at me at Earthfare tonight (and no small sizes of Quaker available and the kind I buy at Trader Joe’s priced way higher), I decided to go for it!

I can’t wait to try these out…hopefully tomorrow morning depending on if I sleep in or snooze much…haha.

What’s your favorite type of grain to eat for breakfast? If oatmeal, what kind?

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