ED&BV Banana Cream Pancakes

After staying up too late last night, I woke up groggy but HUNGRY! I had no idea what to make. I was kind of feeling like making something that didn’t take much effort but I also wanted to make something I normally don’t have time to make during the week.

Mornings like these, I also like to make a trip to a local bagel or coffee shop for a slow-paced breakfast with a latte and some of my fave mags. But, thanks to Eat in Month, I was determined to stay in.

After remembering all the fabulous Eat Drink and Be Vegan recipes I’ve been wanting to try, I decided to go for the ED&BV Banana Cream Pancakes.


Thanks to my well-stocked pantry, I had all of the ingredients on hand. Even the spelt flour (which is quickly becoming my favorite flour to use – tastes like regular but so much more nutritious!). I love how light and fluffy spelt flour is.




Thanks to the hand-blender I got at Christmas, whipping this up was a snap! I sort of wanted to use my pretty new Martha Stewart stand mixer, but the immersion blender is just so much easier to clean.

Not to mention since our kitchen is a bit of a disaster, I haven’t opened my new small appliances since there’s not really anywhere to put them yet!



We still don’t have a griddle so it took awhile to cook all the pancakes in my tiny non-stick skillet. I kept them warm in the oven on 200 degrees F while I worked through the batter.


Real maple syrup on top.


Breakfast is served!


A sprinkling of organic unsweetened coconut on top staying in line with the tropical pancake theme.


My banana cream pancakes ended up a little on the thin side, but the flavor was great! Hubby said they tasted like gourmet pancakes.

The pancakes were nice and tender and I loved the subtle tropical tastes. And these were made with SPELT! Such a great flour! If you haven’t tried it yet, you should!


Want a bite?




Coffee on the side – 1/2 Christmas Blend + 1/2 Peppermint Creme (Fresh Market).


Bailey sleeping on the chaise.

Sunlight streaming into my sunroom. Food TV on in the background. Perfect Sunday afternoon.

Me thinks I may brew up some hot tea to sip on whilst reading a new chapter of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and Square Foot Gardening.

How’s your Sunday?

11 thoughts on “ED&BV Banana Cream Pancakes”

  1. Hey there my name is Aimee 🙂 Just recently found your blog and I am a fan!

    I just bought the Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan cookbook yesterday and I can't wait to try some of the recipes!

  2. the pancakes look LOVELY. you are doing a great job staying true to Eat In Month 🙂 thank you for encouraging me to do it as well- things are going well so far and im having a lot of fun with it, too! xoox

  3. those pancakes look great!
    i used to LOVE christmas blend from there but i can NOT drink it anymore for some reason! makes me gag! weird, huh?
    have a great night girl!


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