I Cheated on EIM…A Little

I kept breakfast cook-free.






Coffee, Vanilla Oikos, Bear Naked Fit (hubby picked the granola out).

How awesome is this granola! I love the little fruit puffs…they melt away! So neat! Great flavor!

I’m loving these colors together.


I tried a new frozen meal today – Helen’s Kitchen – Hearty Bean Chili , which seems to be based on tofu steaks. I wasn’t sure what tofu steaks were but I soon found out.




Yay recycling!


High points – yay GMO free!


Recommended garnish. Nice!


The tofu steaks were like rectangles of a nice, firm tofu. I l liked them.



I enjoyed the chili with an AB&J – Barney Butter (almond butter) and organic pomengranate jelly on Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat. I don’t think I remember PB&J style sammies being this good! New lunch staple maybe?


Four pitted dates a co-worker brought in. It amazes me how sweet dates are! They are sweeter than chocolate!

And here’s where I cheated a little…

As much as I love this Eat in Month Challenge, I really don’t see myself eating a week’s worth of frozen/processed foods. I decided to go out, but to stay as close to home-cooked food as possible.


I thought, hey…I could go to the grocery store and get a bunch of veggies to prep a salad, but why dirty up knives, cutting boards, and plateware I can’t easily clean (the bathroom sink is TINY!). I also figured I could heat a can of soup up, but same problem…where to clean!?

Hubby and I went to Earthfare and I got an affordable dinner – salad and vegan minestrone soup.


Soup was awesome!


Salad: baby spin, romaine, carrots, purple cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, sprouts, feta, balsamic dressing. Nomalicious and REAL food!

Though the frozen meals I’ve been eating have been as unprocessed as possible, I still think there’s no replacement for REAL food. I prefer to use frozen meals and processed foods occasionally, rather than the majority of the time.


I was not able to resist the cookie bar. As hubby pointed out, I could buy a pack of 6 cookies to take home and eat or I could just get one. It felt like cheating but it felt so right!


More photography practice.

Now you see it…


Now you…well you see it’s “ghost”. This is called “ghosting” – where you sort of see an image, but it’s almost see-through, like a ghost!

Anywho, the ghost did not disappear…not into thin air at least. I ate it and it was delish! Yummers!

I can’t wait for more baked goodies next week. I see so many things I want to bid on!

Speaking of the Online Bake Sale for Haiti…we have 53 bakers guys! You are all wonderful! Thanks for supporting the bake sale by offering to bake and/or even just spreading the word through blog posts, tweets (#bake4haiti), and word of mouth. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

9 thoughts on “I Cheated on EIM…A Little”

  1. that's so great!! woo-hoo! I was craving fro yo so bad last night, but somehow I restricted the urge to go get some lol. I don't think that's a bad thing, especially if it's affordable and healthy, plus you don't have a working kitchen!!
    How do you do ghosting? looks neat!

  2. i don't think that counts as cheating! You said you can buy prepared food from a grocery store…..I think this counts as that! Your pictures are getting so much better since your photography class!


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