City Lights at the Lightrail

I was 10 minutes late for class tonight, but luckily I only missed some homework photo sharing, instead of key lectures.


Tonight, we headed down to a light rail stop to practice with shutter speeds, lights, and movement.


Here are some fun shots I got from the night (some thanks to my new tripod! tripod buying tips to come!)




I think this one looks like there’s an explosion in the background. See my classmate floating away?


This one looks better blown up. 3 of my classmates are getting some info from our instructor as the lights have some fun effects.


Beams of light


It’s electric!


I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get the camera I did…or take these photography classes. I wish I could have afforded them back in college when I really wanted to start. Oh well, no crying over spilt milk…time to make the best of what I have! And I’m enjoying every minute of this class and my photography experiments!

Thanks to my non-existent kitchen, I kept dinner simple. I don’t mind eating foods that don’t require a lot of cooking (or any for that matter) but not really having a good place to wash my dishes or prep food does kind of stink. Ok, it really stinks!

Tonight, I managed to still eat in.





Almond butter and jelly sammie with some frozen veggies, pretzels and water on FRESH great harvest bread! I LOVE fresh bread…I could eat a whole loaf!


My star ingredients: Barney Butter + Zin Zinfandel Grape Jelly from my trip to California Wine Country – Sonoma. Oh how I wish I could go back! I got this jelly at the Bella Vineyards (so neat – go there if you’re in wine country!)

What are some easy meals you make when you don’t feel like cooking or doing dishes?

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  1. I am soo glad you are finally getting to take photography classes, that is just awesome! I am so jealous!!! Please post some tripod tips because I'd like to get one that's reasonable, but there are so many to choose from I can't decide. I always have yogurt, cereal and fruit for dinner if I don't feel like making anything 🙂 you are doing such a great job eating in without a kitchen, you rock!

  2. I usually make a lot more food than we need, and freeze it (soups, any kind of pasta sauce, homemade healthy chicken pot pies, etc.). Then, on nights that we don't feel like cooking, I pop it in the oven and chill. I would much rather have my own homemade frozen meals than store bought stuff.

  3. Hey, girl!
    Such amazing photos!
    This photo classes must be awesome!
    Oh, and it´s so amazing how you managed to keep the "Eat In A Month" challenge without using your sink/kitchen!
    But your dinner looked delicious.
    I´m dying to try Barney Butter´s Almond Butter!
    Oh, and by the way, I love your blog 😉
    Brazilian kisses,

  4. I get delivery 😉 (we have an Indian place locally that makes dishes jam packed with fresh veggies). Or I make a raw soup, as it's so easy to clean the Vitamix (something you could do in the bathroom whilst you brew your coffee, perhaps?!)

  5. It's an appy but so yummy you can eat enough for an entire meal:

    **Chili Cheese Spread**
    – Spread 1 package cream cheese in bottom of microwavable dish.
    – Pour 1 can of Stagg Chili over top.
    – Sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese.
    – Microwave for 3 minutes and serve with tortilla chips for dipping.


  6. Here's my list:

    I throw together a salad with a can of tuna, tomatoes, Craisins, seeds, etc.

    Canned soup

    Frozen meal in a bag that comes with all ingredients inside and cooks up in 10 minutes on the stove (I forgot the name) but it has for example: beef, (or shrimp) broccoli and vegetables. You stir fry it for 8 minutes and it's done. Run the frozen sauce under hot water and toss that in the pan and you eat in under 15 minutes. LOL

    I try to keep one of these on hand for a hectic night.

    And, if we are really hectic and get home late: a big bowl of cereal with fruit or take-out.

  7. I am loving your blog! So cute! It reminds me of, but in a blog.

    don't know if you've seen it, but I think you'd like it.

    Also- I'm thinking about signing up for the bakesale wondering when I need to tell you by?


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