Thursday Quickly

Thanks to a long day yesterday, I am behind on posting! 🙂

I will make Thursday’s day time eats quick.

Eat in Month Challenge is still going well. I’ve really been enjoying meals in and it definitely hasn’t been as hard as I expected it to be.

On Thursday, my day was challenging because of work. I had 9 hours of conference calls (plus 1 hour of office time). Ay yay yay! Makes for a long day!


IMG_8309.JPG IMG_8307.JPG


Apple-Cranberry Oats with Maple Syrup and Cinnamon, coffee, Morningstar “sausage”.


Hot green tea with sugar.


I tried something new today for lunch. I heated up another Trader Joe’s


It reminded me a tad of falafel (flavor wise). I loved it!


Snack – Clif Kid ZBar in Honey Graham.

By the end of the day I felt like a ZOMBIE! 9 hours of phone conferences is a bit much for one day, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done! 🙂

I was hoping to post all this yesterday after work, but my 5pm meeting ended at 6pm instead of 5:30 like I had hoped. I had to rush-rush-rush home and get ready for a special dinner! A dinner OUT!

Yep, I cashed in on my Eat in Month pass last night! More to come…

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