DSLR Camera Strap Gifts + Giveaway!

Not that it’s all that complicated, but my secret fabric project was…

DLSR Camera Strap Covers!


Christmas gifts and matching/coordinated for my local food friends: Kath + Matt, Michelle + Ben, Kate + Nate, and Amanda + Justin.

Mostly this project was secret because the gift recipients also read my blog and that would be a total spoiler if they read about their gift before receiving it.

As this post is being shared with RSS feeds, I am giving the last two of these DSLR Camera Strap Covers away. And there’s one for some lucky winner out there, too!

I’ll be doing a tutorial at some point, but basically, this project involved lots of:



Fabric selection and shopping










and then more ironing.

Since all my foodie friends roll in couples and within the last year they’ve all gotten Canon Rebels, too, I thought semi-matching camera strap covers would be a fun gift.


There is a matching fabric side that is guy-friendly (ok, it’s sort of girly, but at least it’s not floral!)


The other side is a coordinating pattern – this is the girl-friendly side.

By having two types of sides, I’m hoping each person per couple can take turns carrying the camera comfortably. The girls can wear the strap pretty-side up and the guys can turn the strap to the green side if they don’t want the pink/floral/girly one showing.


I made one for myself, too. Mine was the prototype. I figured I’d the first production since the first version of something usually the worst (the one where you learn mistakes and figure out how to improve).

But the best part for you dear readers…

IMG_8287.JPG IMG_8282.JPG


I made an extra one!


If you would like to win this floral and mod patterned, handmade DSLR Camera Strap cover reinforced with fusible lining and made with beautiful Heather Bailey fabric, you have a few ways to enter:

  1. Leave me a comment telling me the neatest thing you’ve seen at a party (esp b-day but maybe wedding or otherwise).
  2. Blog about my contest linking to this post and leave me a separate comment telling me you did.
  3. Tweet about my contest with the URL to this post and leave me a separate comment telling me you did.
  4. Subscribe to my blog feed and leave me a separate comment telling me you did.
  5. Add me to your link list and leave me a separate comment telling me you did.

Each entry must be in a separate comment to count. Winner will be selected a week from today – Wednesday, Jan. 21th, 2010. The winner will randomly be selected.

PS This strap is approximately 2 1/2 ” wide and 25″ long. You could possibly use it for other straps, not just DSLR straps. 😉

Good luck!

17 thoughts on “DSLR Camera Strap Gifts + Giveaway!”

  1. This is the cutest blog I have ever seen in the whole wide world…or world wide web 🙂 My goal for 2010 is to get an SLR so this would be perfect and even more reason to get one!!

    Neatest thing at a partay? Hmmm my best friend in elementary school had a make your own tote bag activity!! We decorated with glitter paint–it was SO fun!

  2. It was a little boy's birthday party, but soooo cute. They made all of the kids fire trucks out of boxes and then had an obstacle course for them – sooo cute. I love the straps (and your blog!)

  3. I love it when parties have cupcake stands and cupcakes instead of traditional cake. It's fun and you can have lots of flavors!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! This is the CUTEST thing ever! I'll be blogging and tweeting this, definitely! 🙂

    Cutest thing that I've ever seen at a birthday party:

    OK, my dad's 57th birthday was this past fall and my mom had the cutest idea for him. It was the season for "back to school" shopping and my mom had bought my 7 year old niece a big pack of the 64 count Crayola Crayons with the sharpener built in to the box. When she was showing my dad all the goodies the got on the back to school shopping spree, my dad saw the crayons and started telling all of us about how badly he wanted a box of those when they first came out during his childhood.

    Dad was 9 when they released the 48 count of Crayola's and he said that it was HUGE – everyone wanted them! Shortly after that came the 64 count PLUS the silver crayon AND a built in crayon sharpener right on the box! He worked through summer and saved money from mowing lawns just so he could have his own box. He's family didn't have much, and with raising 3 kids, things were pretty tight, so he didn't want to ask his parents to buy him a box – he'd just save up for them himself. He didn't save enough money to get his crayons because he ended up spending the savings on Christmas gifts for his parents and siblings. My grandmother, however, knew how badly he wanted those crayons! Christmas morning came and dad opened a brand new box of the 48 count. Not exactly what he was hoping for, but he said that we was very grateful and excited about getting crayons, but never told my grandmother that this wasn't the *exact* kit that he wanted {and she really never did find out!}.

    So, keeping this story in mind, my mom bought a shiny new 64 count crayon box complete with all the fancy colors and built in sharpener. She wrapped the box and let my niece give it to him for his birthday. We all thought it would be a good laugh, but my dad was so moved that there were actually a few little tears in his eye. He hugged and my niece and then laughed about it – it was the cutest thing ever! He keeps the box out on his night stand and he and my niece now use it to color together when she visits them 🙂

    And that's basically the cutest thing I've ever seen at a birthday party 🙂

  5. I recently saw garland of pictures hung from the ceiling at a party. It was a birthday party and the pictures were of the birthday boy throughout his life, we were all looking up! Looked really cool!


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