Better Enough for Oats

Blech, still feeling tired, but maybe it’s because I’ve had so little to eat the last couple days?


I decided to go for oatmeal and tea, sans dairy.


Mate Yerba with organic cane sugar.




Though I went without dairy, I decided to try to add in some good nutritional goodies – chia seeds and ground flaxseed. I cooked the oats in water and used a little agave for sweetener, along with about 3/4 sliced banana.

Hopefully, this gives me some good energy for the day. 🙂

Though I took today off as PTO (not a sick day), hubby and I have lots of work to do:

  • Shop for the house
  • Organize house
  • Work on web site project
  • Find a good GF dessert recipe
  • Laundry
  • Feel better 😆
  • and I should probably add in some time for REST! Lack of rest/sleep is probably what helped get me sick in the first place!

I have some fun posts planned for you guys, today too! 😉

What are you up to today?

3 thoughts on “Better Enough for Oats”

  1. i hope you get to feeling better soon! I am really looking forward to lots of yoga and relaxation for the 3 day weekend! I had a question for you though, are there any good farmer’s markets in the Charlotte area? I have been to a few but they were all a disappointment. Thanks for your help! xoxo


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