Party on Plates

Happy Sunday to you!




Hubby made breakfast this morning: fried egg, jalapeno foccacia and a soysage.

I chickened out on the jalapeno, though and picked it off for hubby to eat. I’m not very tolerant of spicy foods, though I do typically like a lil kick.


My garden seemed to stop producing the last few weeks, but today I got a handful of cherry tomatoes and one ripe, Mr Stripey heirloom tomato. BLT anyone?


Hubby and I did dinner with Emily and Casey tonight at Kabob Grill.





I got my usual “party on a plate” aka the Veggie Combo. We had 3 of these at the table since Emily and Casey got the Veggie Combo, too!


Plus baklava for dessert! With pistachios!



We’re trying to get lots of QT in with these guys before they move. This was their last weekend as local residents!


Post dinner, I had an hour to work on house stuff before the 2 hour season premier of Drop Dead Diva (wheeeeeeeee!), so I decided to make a long-due project: homemade granola bars.



Aren’t homemade granola bars the best!?


I noshed on popcorn whilst enjoying Drop Dead Diva (which is currently on…eeks…I need to get back to the show!).

I added some melted butter and rosemary and salt to the popcorn…yummers!





I need to let the bars rest a bit longer before cutting them but I did have one for a taste. Boy was it good! I love this recipe! I’m currently tweaking it to perfect it for me, but here’s the version I made originally (click to view).

I’m off to enjoy the end of DDD. G’night!


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And Yellow Brick Beauty made my Green Monster Muffins…nice job!


What’s your favorite granola/energy bar? Post the brand name or a link to the recipe…I’m always on the lookout for a great product or recipe to try!

9 thoughts on “Party on Plates”

  1. I’m drooling over your granola bars. They look so good!!!!! I need to make a batch of these for the boys…they love granola bars and I hate giving them processed ones!

  2. Focaccia is one of my all time favorite breads. I have a great one I’ve been tweaking and using from Eating Well–it has parmesan and fresh herbs in it! It is to die for. Only problem is I can’t make it on a whim because it needs to rise for 10-13 hours…darn yeast.

    Your granola bars look awesome! I keep seeing recipes for ones all over the place and need to make my own ASAP. Thanks for the inspiration!


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