Healthy Cake Man

One of the perks of our impromptu trip to VA was a stop by the Roanoke farmer’s market for the Zumbathon for Breast Cancer, where I was told there would be local produce, yummy eats, and The Healthy Cake Man.


As someone who likes to healthify desserts myself, I was intrigued by said Healthy Cake Man.

IMG_5125.jpg IMG_5085.jpg

The market was busy when we got there with lots of shoppers, vendors and a live band. We headed straight for food first. We had worked up some serious appetites!


We stopped at one of Sara’s fave spots in town (forgot the name!).


Group shot!


IMG_5096.jpg IMG_5099.jpg

I got the Margherita panini with carrot ginger soup. It was all very tasty and fresh!


And Erica even let me sample her pineapple cream cheese bar, which was really buttery and delish.


After lunch, we wandered around the market a bit.


We stopped in a couple boutiques, too, where I found interesting stuff like this gum. 😆


But our favorite stop of the market was at the “Healthy Stuff” table where we found the Healthy Cake Man himself! My friends had been raving about him for the last 24 hours, so I was really excited to visit his table in person.

IMG_5105.jpg IMG_5127.jpg

I sampled a piece of cake with frosting and some of this navy-bean-chocolate-brownie type thing with ganache. Everything was, as my friends said (they know me so well!), delicious…and yes, healthy. My favorite part of the healthy desserts was probably the use of real ingredients – real butter, etc. Yessss!


It also turns out the Healthy Cake Man is quite nice. So, if you’re looking for yummy stuff to eat, please be sure to stop by his booth – he’ll let you sample some of his tasty baked goods, which you’re sure to love.


Happy to be coming home with some goodies.


I bought some chocolate for me and hubby from chocolatepaper…


…plus some Zookies (cookies made with zucchini and other healthy stuffs) and Healhty Stuff bread (from the Healthy Cake Man)…


…and some local apples.


I had to dig into the salted dark chocolate caramel immediately, though and boy was it fantastic!


Then it was time to relax and unwind and spend some QT with Soph-Dog…


…and the hot tub. Oh yea!

After 2 hours of zumba, we definitely deserved this! 🙂

Who’s your favorite vendor at your local farmer’s market?

13 thoughts on “Healthy Cake Man”

  1. The place you ate is called On The Rise. So delicious!! I am in love with their Tuscan Veggie panini!! Do you know what is sad?? I am literally sitting in my office about 5 minutes from the farmer’s market and have not had anything from the Healthy Cake Man!! I clearly need to walk down there!

    • Oh thank you! I totally couldn’t remember the name!

      Yes, please visit the nice Healthy Cake Man. And then let me know what you get! I sampled 2 things and purchased 2 others, so I’ve tasted a lot of his menu already! lol

  2. Diana,

    I received the most delicious smelling bag of coffee in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually forgot about it. It smells divine, and lo and behold– it is a 2 POUND BAG! coffee galore for me 🙂 Happy day! Thank you again for the opportunity.

  3. My favorite vendor (forgot the name!) is the one that sells this amazing herb scone. It’s so delicious and worth the money for it! It sells out quick so I try to go there early whenever I can.

  4. I live in Roanoke! I love the healthy cake man. He’s so much fun. And I dearly love our farmer’s market. I go there several times per weeks. My best friend is the manager at chocolatepaper and it’s kind of an addiction. I believe you had lunch at On The Rise Bakery based on the photos. Their “better than sex” cake is amazing.

  5. It totally amazes me how you (and your fellow instructors) always look so cute after zumba! After I finish an hour of zumba I’m completely sweaty and don’t want to go out in public..but you always looks gorgeous!

  6. I was the one who recommended the dark sea salt caramels at chocolatepaper. 🙂 You girls were so fun to have in our store! Thanks again for coming in. I hope you found every chocolate delicious!


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