I Caved…Ugg!

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Oh banana oatmeal…why have I been ignoring you so?

I can’t even remember the last time I had oats! But, I broke my non-oat-streak this morning with a fabulous bowl. Nommm!


Though I should have been packing all night tonight, I took a speedy shopping trip w/ hubby in an attempt to find nicer-than-sneaker-casual-shoes, preferably boots.

I appreciated all the feedback from you guys from before, but I really like to try my shoes on in person because I have a tough time with shoes.

Anywho…I caved and got…

(you probably saw this coming)


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That’s right, I bought some Uggs! Bailey-inspected, or course.


I went with the camel color since I think I can wear them with black or brown clothes/accessories. Though, I am considering exchanging them for black.


Plus, let’s not forget the handy-dandy Ugg Sheepskin Water & Stain Repellent.

Btw, if you’re thinking of getting Uggs, the salesman said they usually sell out in November. Not sure if that’s just the situation locally, but if you’re thinking of getting some from your local store…just a thought.

(I kind of want black Uggs too…someone help me!) lol

I actually found a black pair of boots I really liked, but they were not comfortable. I just liked the way they looked. Mostly looking at all the millions of black boots at the mall tonight made me feel dizzy though. Too many options!! I’m still hoping to find a nice pair of flat boots you can tuck jeans into or wear with a skirt/dress. We’ll seeeeeee!

PS I want jeggings! Does Target still have those in stock?

Do you have Uggs? What’s your favorite color and why?

20 thoughts on “I Caved…Ugg!”

  1. I love my Uggs so much. I feel like my feet are thanking me every time I wear them. I purchased the Bailey (you need these obviously) button ones in gray, which I can wear with both “brown” and “black” outfits. Though I do want some dark brown ones as well…

  2. Please don’t think I am nuts but I have 3 pairs of Uggs. (Not bought all at once though!)

    I have the “ultra” in Black and the “ultra” in camel and then I have a pair of camel “ultra” in the shorter version. When the weather gets cold, Uggs are all I wear. They are comfortable and excellent for walking in cold weather. They are excellent if you have foot problems and can’t wear pointy high heeled shoes. I love the camel ones but the black are my favorite. I would say keep your camel pair because you WILL want another pair after breaking in your camel ones.

    I just bought a pair of new inner soles for $15.00 on the Ugg website. I think its great they sell those because the inner soles do wear out.

    Ok, I lied – I actually have a 4th pair of Uggs but they are not the sheepskin kind. These are the ones I wear THE MOST. They are black and have half leather, have suede-ish top at the upper half. These are not as clunky or thick as Uggs and I wear these with casual sweater dresses, jeans tucked in, under jeans (not tucked) and they are ALSO amazing.

    So yeah, I’m willing to bet you’ll be buying another pair in black soon! LOL

  3. I have these: http://tinyurl.com/23eych4 (love them!)
    I had long black UGGs but destroyed them with salt stains. And I miss them :(.
    I don’t wear the second pair in the snow (I wear them in the autumn and when the sidewalk is snow free).

    The first time I wanted to buy UGGs (I wanted long in black), I ended up with ankle-high emu because it was the ONLY one left.

  4. I have them in different colors/styles (chocolate, chestnut, black, grey, short, tall, buttons) but I get the most use of my chocolate and grey pairs. They match with everything and are so comfy. The chestnut and black ones are awesome as well, but I eventually replaced them with other boots in the same color.

    Back when I was building my collection up, I was buying them during the 100 degree summer weather. Crazy, but only once have I ever had to wait while they were back in stock during peak winter months =)

  5. Haha I resisted the trend for 4 years in HS and finally caved after I got to college. They are so ugly but SO COMFY. Mine are all worn and battered but still in great shape. Not sure I can shell out more $$ for another pair though. Although Costco has the exact same things (really good quality, real fur) for $30-40. Anyways, I really want black and camel ones. I have the light colored…meh. Grass is always greener.

  6. Girl, I caved years ago. haha. I always complained about how ugly and overpriced they were… until I tried them on… I have a pair of short light beige boots and I LOVE them. I still feel hideous in them and like I`m leaving the house in slippers, but I do it anyways. They`re just that great!

  7. I bought mine with a store credit so I didn’t feel so bad. 🙂 Here’s a big tip: if you have small feet (I think 7 and under) you can probably buy the kid’s size and save a bunch of money. I want them now in the purple, but am sticking with my short Camels. I’m not totally in love with the way they “eat” socks, and I don’t like walking in them for a long period of time. But I do like how warm my feet are walking around the house.

  8. I make fun of people in uggs but I’ve been wearing them since 9th grade before they became trendy. I think they are worth every penny. just dont go for the britney spears look and pair them with fishnets and a jean skirt.

  9. i refused to wear uggs in high school but i caved as well b/c everyone and their brother had them at college. plus they keep my toes soooooo warm in boston winters!

    oatmeal is my favorite bfast but i only have time to make it on weekends. i eat my bfast in the car on the way to work, bad i know!

    cute pic 🙂 love your jeans!

  10. I have black and brown uggs and I must admit that the brown goes with a lot more! also the black shows salt and water stains a lot more (that spray doesnt do too much…or maybe just where I am in cold old canada 😉

  11. In all honesty, Uggs will never be in or out–it’s a comfort thing! They’re just a staple shoe for COMFORT. I love mine. And I’m not embarrassed to say I have them 🙂

  12. I have 2 pairs of Uggs, the camel regular ones (like yours) and the tall chocolate brown knit ones with the big buttons. I love both so much!

    I get made fun of by some of my guy friends, but I don’t care – they are just wonderful!

    Hope you love your Uggs – they are amazing on planes!


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