So, I know it’s November…buuut…I got a little carried away blogging yesterday:

…and neglected to share some last Halloween photos with you.



Here are our “tombstones” at night – the result of our hard-work on our Halloween crafts. I think I may put these in the back yard next year to scare out friends.


And the Jackolantern I drew.


And the Jackolantern hubby drew.


Plus the mister made another appearance for the trick or treaters.


With my recent back/neck/shoulder pain, I’ve been thinking a lot about what the cause may be. I’m a big believer in treating the cause, not the symptom, so I think the pain is stemming from something…just can’t quite put my finger on it. Stess is probably a factor. But some other things may not help.

Tables/Desks seem to be my main issue.


For example, hubby and I usually eat off our coffee table. And when I say “usually”, I mean 99% of the time. This can’t be good for my back.


I used to blog from this armless chair on a small side table. Not exactly ergonomic.


But yesterday I re-arranged my blog space so I’m using a real desk (thanks to Kath!). I just need an office chair instead of this dining room chair. I am really loving the view of my backyard and the new set up is so much more Work Chic!

Other things that may contribute to my shoulder/back/neck pain:

  • The heavy bags I’m always carrying (bag lady anyone?)
  • My heavy purse
  • Non-ergonomic desk at work
  • Sleeping oddly on my side

Who knows, but I think eating and working spaces being more ergonomically friendly will help.


Today, I ate this beautiful red bell pepper straight from my garden. I mean, I rinsed it off, de-seeded it and cut it into strips, but I literally had plucked it from the stem 5 minutes before chowing down. The flavor was impeccable.



And I had some really tasty, homemade applesauce from Kate + Nate. Thanks guys!


Anywho, since I’ve been thinking so much about my back and stuff, I decided to set up a fancy-ish dinner on our dining room table while hubby was out picking up take-out.

Eating on our dining room table…a novel concept, no? 😉



Hubby and I split a side salad first.




Then bread and lasagna! The cool weather had us craving something cozy, but we didn’t want to wait for home-made lasagna.


Btw, I have nothing to wear for Foodbuzz! 🙁 Guess I’d better figure something out, though, because I need to get to packing!

And I’m trying to coordinate a special event during the Foodbuzz weekend. Cross your fingers for me please!


The Chic Life blog has a new page! Check out my page all about Travel (click). I spent all night last night compiling this info, so hopefully you enjoy browsing through the links. I almost didn’t realize how much I’ve done this year! I did a lot of traveling in 2010! 🙂


Where do you eat most of your dinners?