How to Dress Up Your T-Shirt and Jeans – Part 2

So, last time we talked dressing up your t-shirt and jeans, I suggested the addition of a blazer.


Here’s another idea – add fun jewelry! I’m sporting a pretty green jewelry set my friend Megan got me for my birthday.


I don’t particularly love the shoes I’m wearing with this outfit. I don’t think they really go, but I didn’t want to wear boots, heels, or open-toed shoes since we’d be out running errands. Comfort > style lol


First stop – Starbucks for Halloween party planning. Hubby and I are having a small potluck on Halloween.


Party planning fuel = cinnamon chip scone and soy pumpkin spice latte.

IMG_4716.jpg IMG_4720.jpg IMG_4722.jpg

Our little session was pretty productive.


Any ideas what this may become?


Post-shopping, it was time for dinner. We hit up our fave Mexican spot in town – 1900 Mexican Grill.

IMG_6783.jpg IMG_6785.jpg

Sangria pitchers are half off on Saturdays, so we got one of those. It was HUGE! And dee-licious. 🙂

IMG_6773.jpg IMG_6776.jpg IMG_6780.jpg

Chips and dips – salsa, corn salsa, cheese dip.


Plus, we split a combo of chicken enchilada, shredded beef burrito, rice and beans.

Back to the shoes…I’ve been fighting the trend of everyone wearing Uggs, but they look so darn comfortable and actually seem like they can be dressed up slightly. I may have to invest in some. The boat shoes are not cutting it and almost all my other boots have heels, which are not exactly what I’m trying to wear when Im doing some serious walking. Know what I mean? I usually just wear flip flops when the weather is warm, but not that it’s so cold…I gotta figure something else out. Suggestions?

What are your favorite fall shoes for running errands or otherwise being on your feet quite a bit?

24 thoughts on “How to Dress Up Your T-Shirt and Jeans – Part 2”

  1. I have the same issues! While I do own Uggs and they ARE super comfy and are great for throwing on to head to the grocery store, they just aren’t sleek enough sometimes.

    I will usually do ballet flats until I can’t stand the cold. After that, I’m at a loss…

  2. Uggs are actually really bad for your feet. They don’t support arches AT ALL. Actually, my Australian friends think it is ridiculous that Americans wear Uggs outside- apparently they are supposed to be indoor slippers! Plus, they be kinda oooglay 🙂

    • “oooglay” – bahahahaha

      I used to think they were hideous. Then I thought they were cute. Now I’m on the fence. It’s like a love-hate thing. lol

  3. I just bought a pair of Campers and am LOVING them. They have these super cute ‘hybrid’ collection that are made with more sustainable materials… which makes me happy.

    i also am really not a fan of uggs….

  4. I was never a big fan of UGGS after seeing every single girl on campus wear them every single day with over sweats and hoodie back in the day when I went to college. I really like the clogs from AE or invest in city flats from which fold in half for easy storage when traveling. It has mixed reviews on the website, but I’m gonna try wearing them for a month and see how it is before buying more.

  5. Diana, I have been fighting the UGG urge, too. I have always said “They are called UGG for UGLY.” But now I am finding myself wanting some for errand-running and casual days in the winter… I may cave this year. I was just catching up with your blog posts over the past week or so. I went to Beth’s Zumba Party Friday night! It was great! Looks like yours was a great success, too!

  6. TOMS, slouchy suede boots (perfect UGGS substitute!), low wedge heels (the Myka shoe from Target is great! Pretty comfy for running errands), or Privo flats are my fave functional fall shoes. I am a bit of a shoe wh*re… what can I say?

  7. I love Chuck Taylors. I have about four pairs I wear. I also dig cute flats and even moccasins. Although I’m looking for a cute pair of boots, I try to stay away from the Uggs. But they do look comfy. 🙂

  8. I love my Uggs. When I broke my toe they were the only thing that fit over my tender and swollen toe! Plus, I have a lot of foot problems so my Uggs are the only footwear in winter that are comfortable for my chronic tendonitis.

    I owe my Uggs huge props!

  9. I’m late to the conversation, but ditto the cute sneakers (not like running shoes). I’ve recently bought some cute flats for fall, since all my other shoes are sandals or open-toed. Think bows and buckles (tastefully done, of course).

    I vote no to UGGS. But then again, I live in FL, so they’d be kinda ridiculous to me.

  10. I love my UGGS. They are not a good choice for dressing up but they are really comfortable.
    And once injured my toe and it was the only shoes I could even put on without being in pain.

  11. I love my Uggs. They are super comfy and I personally think they are really cute over skinny jeans. They’re amazing when traveling and really just feel like heaven on my feet! They may lack a little support, but I use inserts that I’ve had for a while. You can add 5 dollar inserts if they really don’t support your feet enough but I have super high arches and it wasn’t a problem. I’ve never been a fan of the “I love it, but everyone else has it/has done it/talks about it(etc.) so I won’t..” if you love them..go for it! They keep your feet at a constant temperature, it’s really great. For example, I was blow drying mine after they got rained on in New York last weekend and I had my hand in the boot and my hand never felt the heat. It was odd, but good to know it works.

    Okay sorry, I’ve been wanting to write about my love for the Uggs since I read this post. 🙂 I had gone through so many of the cheap pair it just made sense to get the real kind that’ll last for years.

    • ..and yes, I live in Florida and have Uggs but it gets cool enough here to wear them. They don’t warm your feet, they just keep them at a constant, 70 something degrees so in any weather you can wear them! Although I only wear them when it’s below 87 degrees! 🙂

  12. I have to say, I have invested in some great flats (Tory Burch) and a pair of flat knee high riding boots that have carried me through many an errand as well as running around New York City like a chicken with my head cut off. I am so far from a Uggs gal even though that seems to be the uniform in Philadelphia.


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