First White Christmas

I’ve waited 30 years for a white Christmas. That’s right…it finally snowed here in the South on Christmas Day! I remember one time, when I was about 12, I prayed and hoped and dreamed of a white Christmas. I thought if I wished for it hard enough, it would happen. But alas…it did not. It didn’t happen that year or the next. No, I’d have to wait over a decade.

Here are some photos from Christmas 2010…

IMG_3757.jpg IMG_3765.jpg IMG_3777.jpg IMG_3799.jpg IMG_3818.jpg IMG_3827.jpg IMG_3828.jpg IMG_3833.jpg

My sis and I made my famous Green Monster Muffins for breakfast this morning. Since my mom doesn’t have a food processor, we ended up using one of those Pampered Chef chopping things. It worked pretty well!


It started snowing just before lunch.


SIs and I made Cook’s Illustrated Apple-Cranberry pie…from-scratch and by hand (again…no food processor here).

IMG_3900.jpg IMG_3920.jpg IMG_3931.jpg IMG_3938.jpg IMG_3945.jpg IMG_3952.jpg IMG_3957.jpg IMG_3962.jpg IMG_3965.jpg IMG_3974.jpg IMG_3975.jpg IMG_3993.jpg IMG_4033.jpg IMG_4037.jpg IMG_4040.jpg IMG_4042.jpg IMG_4046.jpg IMG_4043.jpg IMG_4052.jpg

We don’t have any super-traditional eats on Christmas day. Usually we have a roast turkey or chicken with many of the traditional sides. This year, mom made a fabulous roasted chicken, stuffing, with mashed potatoes. Sis made from-scratch cranberry sauce. I made a light green bean casserole. Plus we had rolls and whole wheat corn bread.

IMG_4060.jpg IMG_4065.jpg

As for that pie…it was amazing!! Check out the Cook’s Illustrated holiday baking issue for the recipe. We put vodka in the pie crust!

Btw, be sure to check out the TCL Reader Pet Photos – holiday-themed!

Do you have any traditional Christmas eats?

7 thoughts on “First White Christmas”

  1. So excited for you getting a white Christmas (and so excited for me escaping one for once lol)! It looks like you and your fam had a fantastic holiday with lots of good eats. One of my family’s favorite holiday sides is a cornbread casserole – which my mom and I veganized this year!

  2. Yay for your white Christmas! I live in NY and this is actually the first white Christmas we’ve had in about 5 years.

    As for the eats, we traditionally do a lot of appetizers on Christmas day but I think this year the desserts outnumbered the apps!

  3. Merry White Xmas!

    I love that you made things, by HAND. That’s old school 🙂

    Your comments to me last nite about bluehost vs dreamhost (looked into the later, was not impressed w/ their cust service and know a few ppl who are big and happy with BH…didnt wanna reply to your email as i wasnt sure if you’d see it and didnt want to keep commenting back and cluttering your page…lol)

  4. I’m so happy for you that you finally got a white Christmas 🙂 It didn’t snow until about a few hours ago here in Boston so we’ll be saving that for you. Hope you enjoy 😉

  5. Merry Christmas Diana!! I’m glad to hear you finally got your wish for a white Christmas. I LOVE it when it snows on Christmas, but even living in VA it doesn’t happen that often so it’s always a nice treat.


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