Scenes of Christmas 2010

My mom, dad, and sis really broke into the Christmas decorations this year, pulling out lots of heirloom items passed down from my grandmother and other family. The heirloom items are extra special to me. I think the decorations that have been shared between family are so cool!

IMG_3624.jpg IMG_3631.jpg IMG_3644.jpg

Our “Teddy” ornament for our first dog, a huge German shepherd who passed away years ago. I still miss him!

IMG_3626.jpg IMG_3629.jpg IMG_3633.jpg IMG_3643.jpg IMG_3639.jpg IMG_3635.jpg IMG_3637.jpg IMG_3695.jpg IMG_3641.jpg IMG_3646.jpg IMG_3694.jpg

We’ve watched Miracle on 34th street last night. So far today, we’ve seen Bedtime Stories (cute movie!), Serendipity, and now just coming on TV…Scrooged! I’ve never seen this movie all the way through!

I have more Christmas posts to share, but thought these pictures were fun. Ooh, and sis and I slaved away in the kitchen (literally) making a completely-from-scratch pie – Cook’s Illustrated Apple-Cranberry pie with pie dough made with vodka!

Off to catch Scrooged and sip on some hot tea in my PJs. 🙂

Do you have any heirloom decorations?

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  1. I’m hoping one day my ornaments will be considered “heirlooms” by my Children. I have a few Christopher Radko ornaments that are really special to me….all of them were gifted to me at special moments in my life. One is a froggy prince from when Andy and I first got engaged. The next one I got is a snowman couple from our first Christmas as a married couple, and the third one is a stork carrying a baby from the year we found out we were pregnant with James. All of our ornaments have a little story or some special meaning behind them (with the exception of the plain old ball ornaments). I love how you pictured your doggy ornament (I have one like that too at my mom’s house from our first dog) and also the skating ornament too.

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Hope you continue to enjoy your time with your family!


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