Only Forward

The weekend is almost here friends! And the ice is almost gone from around town. Hazzah!


We had fried, organic, cage-free eggs with those famous rye bagels for breakfast. This is the only thing hubby knows how to cook hubby’s favorite thing to cook and I enjoy eating it, so we’ve been eating it a lot lately.


When I made those tasty Individual Tempeh Shepherd’s Pies yesterday, I only needed half a block of tempeh since I was making servings for two. I went ahead and steamed the other half yesterday, though, with plans of using it for today’s lunch.


I made a tasty tempeh stir fry with peanut butter, tamari, and maple syrup. The sauce wasn’t quite right. I liked the flavor, but I think it needs tweaking so I’ll hold off on posting the recipe.


Besides the tempeh and peanut sauce, the stir fry had green beans, and peas. I would have liked to top the dish with some chopped, roasted peanuts, but I didn’t have any on hand.


Peanuts are a must next time! I hope to get the recipe right because I really want to share it with you guys! 🙂


I had a Carob Banana Pecan Spelt Muffin for an afternoon snack.

And then it was time to teach Zuuuumba! I wore one of my new cut tops, which was fun. I love wearing my cut tops because it makes me feel cooler. lol. My guess is this stems from my figure skating days when it was all about having the coolest practice dress or whatever. 😆

Anywho, my favorite songs tonight were: Loba, Say Na Say Na, and Tu No Eres Para Mi (aka the Happy Breakup Song).

On the way home, I passed a car with a pizza delivery sign on it. I immediately craved pizza from our fave local pizza joint, but thanks to Eat In Month, that will have to wait. Just a couple more weeks before the pizza is mine!

To tide us over, we ended up making pizza at home.


I didn’t get home from Zumba till after 8pm, so we took some help from the store and used pre-made pizza dough, jarred sauce, and a big ball of mozzarella cheese. Plus I added jalapeno for hubby.

It was not nearly as good as our fave pizza restaurant, but it will work for now. lol


Lastly, thank you everyone for your outpouring of support from earlier today. I don’t want to dwell on the negativity, but I did want to express my gratitude for your continued support and kind words. Thank you! 🙂

As Terra says, “Only Forward!”


Do you ever cook something at home that you normally enjoy at a favorite restaurant? Is it just like you remember or a stand-in like our pizza?

16 thoughts on “Only Forward”

  1. Thank you so much!!!! Honestly, it is the one thing that helped me get through a very negative time in my life. And continues to remind me when I experience negative. Life is too short, enjoy every moment!!!

  2. We love making pizza at home! In fact we did so last night too! I am glad you put a good foot forward and did not let the negativity get to you. I have no idea what would make people think it is ok to say things like that. I hope you have a great day!

  3. have you ever tried cooking pizza in a cast iron? or iron skillet? it does wonders to the dough!
    preheat the skillet in the oven under broil, take out put your dough on and toppings, put under broiler for 5-6 minutes, take out and cook on highest setting on stovetop to get the bottom crust crunchy!

  4. I LOVE making pizza at home.. better than going out or ordering in.

    Ohhh btw… get started on that “lamesauce” recipe. I can’t wait to see what you whip up 😉

  5. Jalapenos are the BEST! Sometimes we order pineapple and jalapeno… sounds weird, I know, but it’s GOOD!

    I think I’m going to make pizza tonight… I love making it at home!


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