Are You a Beach or Mountain Person?

One of my favorite things about my family is that they know how to eat. Thanks to my parents, my sister and I have grown up with a healthy appreciation for quality food. So, a weekend with my family usually includes lots and lots of good food!


I always try to squeeze in visits to some of my favorite local restaurants in town and this weekend was no exception.

We took a trip to the Pita House on Saturday for a late lunch. We ordered several dishes and shared them all.


The lentil special




Mediterranean plate with chicken schwarma, pickled veggies, salad, hummus, and a veggie salad.


My well-rounded plate.


Pistachio baklava!


We also hit up a local bakery called Strossner’s for some pretzel rolls for later.


When we got home, dad and I took a walk in the woods to catch the last daylight of the day.


Looks like I found a sprite or something in this photo, right? lol


We even took Bailey along.

IMG_9226.jpg IMG_9192.jpg

I’ve always thought people fall into one category: a beach person or a mountain person. My dad is definitely a mountain person. He loves the woods and being outdoors. Since we live near the Blue Ridge Mountains, we took many-a family trip to go hiking and visit nearby mountain-towns. He’s been working very hard most recently to clear out the underbrush of the woods around our house.


I definitely learned how to be observant from my dad. He’s always tried very hard to teach my sister and me how to see the little details in every day life. Even on our walk, he pointed out how pretty the sun was streaming through the trees. I’d already captured a photo of this when we first set out (see photo after Strossner’s). 😉


And when he’s not pointing out things around us, my dad is also big on explaining various things in great depth. I know that sounds generic, but my dad is basically a walking encyclopedia. You can ask him about nearly anything, and he can talk your ear off about the subject.

He must have pointed out 4 plants species and 3 random facts on our short Saturday walk alone.

I always thought his habit of explaining things was silly when I was a kid, but now I’m just jealous I don’t know as much as he does.

IMG_9229.jpg IMG_9221.jpg IMG_9234.jpg IMG_9246.jpg

After the walk, we went inside for a late dinner – Carolina shrimp, steamed broccoli/carrots, and rice.


Plus a pretzel roll. All yum!

Reader question: Are you a beach person or a mountain person?

24 thoughts on “Are You a Beach or Mountain Person?”

  1. Your lunch looks amazing! All of my favorite tastes on a plate. YUM.

    I am for sure a mountain person – although an occasional lazy trip to the beach is never turned down!

  2. that lunch looks incredible, like wowzer, so tasty.

    i’m neither a beach or mountain, i’m a city girl. i love car horns & tall buildings & people & noise.
    the fact that i’m 22 & in a new city might be why.

  3. I babysat my nieces tonight and we watched a Tinker Bell movie, so, I’m pretty confident what you have there in your photo is a fairy :-).

    And I would say I’m more a mountain girl, esp if that mountain is by a beach 😉

  4. awww, i loved hearing about your walk with your dad! i think i’m definitely more of a mountain person than a beach person. that’s largely because i do NOT like being hot and i associate the beach with really warm weather…

  5. Not to be deliberately contrary but…honestly I’m neither. I’m a city girl for sure. When I got on vacations I wanna see cities. I’ve never really liked the beach that much or mountains either. I guess if I had to choose, a nice mountain hike sounds nice!

  6. Hmm funny that beach or mountain thing, see here’s the thing. I absolutely LOVE the sea and miss it like crazy when I am away from it. However I am not a big fan of beaches, all that sand getting everywhere etc etc. (Unless I can surf… then it’s another story)

    Being Norwegian walking in the mountains was part of my childhood and something I love to do each time I have a chance, however there are parts of Norway where the mountains go straight down to the sea, so I guess that is it…

    That pretzel roll look so yummy, I have never tasted that kind of pretzel in my life. I might have to try to bake one, as nowhere sells them over here.

  7. I think I’m both! Right now I live in the mountains of North Carolina and love them, but I grew up at the beach, and when we went to Florida for vacation last month, I missed the beach so much! All I know is, I could never live a place that didn’t have mountains or ocean – I think I’d miss them way too much!


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