Freezer Saver + Sleeping Corgi



Look at my fearless little burrito.


Best breakfast ever?


Darn you addicting rye seeds!


I’m currently working on cleaning out my fridge and freezer of food. I have a bad habit of hoarding food. Say I make some chili and have leftovers. I freeze said leftovers for a “rainy day.” A day happens where I have nothing to eat, but dare I eat the frozen chili? Nay! It’s not dire enough a situation, so I pass. The process repeats. The chili sits uneaten in my freezer, and thusly my freezer stays full. And why do I do this? Who knows.

But I’m working on it.


Like the other day when I had nothing to eat. Sure, it was almost 80 degrees outside and a salad may have been more in order considering the outside temps. Buuuut…I didn’t have ingredients for salad. I did however have leftover slow cooker chili!!


So…I ate it.


And made space in my freezer.

Hooray! Progress!


Have you ever seen a corgi sleeping?

They are the…






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I have big plans for Saturday night. It’s par-tay time!


Reader question: Do you hoard food? Or do you try to eat it as soon as possible? What’s your stored food eating style?

12 thoughts on “Freezer Saver + Sleeping Corgi”

  1. my little Koah man sleeps just like Bailey! Corgis are the cutest no matter what they’re doing! 🙂

    Have a great Saturday night!

  2. I hate to waste leftovers so I tend to keep them around longer than I should, definitely!

    1 note: i just switched over to glass tupperware (pyrex) because it is SO much better for your food than plastic! i’m in love with them. the plastic leeches all kinds of gross stuff into the food, especially if you microwave it! we still use it every now and then but have thrown most of them away in favor of glass.

    • I’m slowly transitioning plastic out of my life. I’ve been eying various glass storage containers and haven’t picked out a set just yet. I have started storing some pantry foods in mason jars instead of plastic, though, so I’m on the right path! 🙂 Oh and I never heat food up in plastic. Scary! lol

  3. I hate to toss leftover food, so I freeze a lot, too. Until my freezer is full. Then I decide to have a “clear the freezer” week, and eat mostly from my frozen leftovers. Saves a lot of cooking time! I love that.

  4. I should probably start hoarding food! I’m a college student, and only have a mini-fridge this semester, so I cook every meal from complete scratch. It takes sooo much time.

    And I love the Bailey photos! They make me want a corgi so badly.


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