HLS or Bust (Check!)

It was touch and go today, but Katie and I just wrapped up our epic road trip to HLS. Phew! It went a little longer than we expected thanks to a crazy storm working it’s way across the East coast, but I’m home safe and sound. Yesssss…

I have lots more photos and notes from HLS Saturday to share, but for now, it’s time for bed! I have to work tomorrow!

If you didn’t read it already, you can click here to view the post I wrote about our brunch in DC and the HLS cocktail party.


8 thoughts on “HLS or Bust (Check!)”

  1. Great to meet you this weekend!! Glad you made it home…I think the weather really screwed up a lot of our trips home (my flight was delayed). Can’t believe it’s all over! But now I’ll see you in Nov!

  2. Traveling on Sunday was CRAZY!

    It was great to see you, although I wish we’d been able to sit and talk more. I so love what you’re doing to promote positive thinking in our community 🙂


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