Project Think Positive {Week 4}

Who’s ready for Week 4 of Project Think Positive? Anyone else feeling the better with all your positive thinking? I know I am! My inner Daria is being silenced by proof that positive thinking truly can lift your spirits and help you look at things from a more cheerful perspective (which really makes your day go by better…trust me!).

Week 4 {Action Mantra = Choose Positive}

At HLS this past weekend, we learned about Action Mantras, which are simple sayings that you can utilize in daily life to help you make better decisions. Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of The Flexitarian Diet, delivered a powerful presentation on action mantras that had the room spinning with love with Action Mantras. At least I know I was truly inspired. Since Dawn is an RD, most of the action mantras she presented were related to diet. For example, she had one that goes “Chair. Table. Plate.” This Action Mantra is to help people who have trouble grazing or snacking because the mantra is a reminder to sit down and eat meals at a table (rather than grazing mindlessly from a bag of potato chips). So Sir-Snacks-A-Lot can simply repeat the Action Mantra “Chair. Table. Plate” throughout the day, or as they reach for that box of crackers and be reminded to have a sit-down meal instead. It’s easy to remember and to use. Awesome, right? The Action Mantras seemed to mesh well with Project Think Positive, so I decided to come up with an Action Mantra for this challenge.

The Action Mantra I’m presenting is based on the simple thought that “words have power” but can be applied in not only words but in actions as well. Many people truly believe that the words you say become reality. They believe that if you say “I’m broke” that you will be. They believe that you should only choose and use words that you want to be your reality. So for this week (and the rest of next week since it’s a short week to end August), be selective in the thoughts (and actions) you use.

*This week’s challenge: Utilize the Action Mantra “Choose Positive”*

If you start to say something negative, try to catch yourself, remind yourself to “Choose Positive”, and say something positive instead. (apply this to actions, too, if you want)

In lieu of providing examples, I’d like to hear what positive words you would use in a couple scencarios below…

Scenario 1: If you’re shopping with a friend and you find yourself getting ready to tell them “I’m broke and can’t buy anything”, instead say something like “__________________.” (fill in the blank with a comment)

Scenario 2: If your friend asks how your job is going and you find yourself getting ready to reply with “My job is awful”, instead say something like “__________________.” (fill in the blank with a comment)

Scenario 3: If your friend asks how you’re doing (and maybe you’re really feeling down or going through a bad time) and you find yourself getting ready to reply with “My life sucks”, instead say something like “__________________.” (fill in the blank with a comment)

Remember (and if you have to, repeat to yourself): Choose Positive


“Every thought is a seed.  If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.  ~Bill Meyer


Reader Question: In what way(s) have you decided to Choose Positive?

10 thoughts on “Project Think Positive {Week 4}”

  1. Hi there! Found your blog through a HLS post. Here are my positive fill-in-the-blanks. 🙂

    -I’m trying to appreciate what I have before I get a bunch of new stuff.

    -My job is challenging me to be a better person every day.

    -I am alive and doing the best I can with each day.

  2. Scenario 2 is so familiar to me. A few months ago, I was in that situation having dinner with friends…. Loved my coworked and enjoyed my job, but I wasn’t happy with it (in terms of long-term career goals and salary).

    The easiest way for me to stay positive in response to questions about my job was to say that 1) I was thankful to be employed in this economy 2) I was gaining experience for my resume and 3) I was looking and appreciated any job leads.

  3. Yay week 4 of PTP! Wish I got to chat with you more at the summit. Next time!! Here are my answers:

    Scenario 1: I just spent an awesome weekend at HLS, so I have to save up before I buy anything new.

    Scenario 2: Although my experiment did not turn out as great as I wanted, I still get a free trip to DC in November to present what I have.

    Scenario 3: I am lucky enough to have a place to live, enough food to eat, and a good education. Living in NYC it is easy to be reminded of how lucky you really are. Whenever I start to feel like my life sucks, I pass someone who has no home and I am reminded how much worse my life could really be.

  4. 1- I’m working on creating new outfits with the pieces I already have. I’m window-shopping for inspiration!

    2- My job is challenging me in unexpected ways. But I’m grateful for the paycheque!

    3- You know what? I’m struggling. But each day I win a few battles!

  5. #1 > I have a lot of autumn clothes already that I’m going to sort out before I commit to buying more
    #2 > I’m getting to learn {{whatever}} which will help me in my career progression and I love having lunch with my colleagues.
    #3 > I’m learning something everyday!

    • Nice job with the answers Emily! It’s good to look at things as learning every day. What I often try to remind myself, too, is that even good things can come out of bad situations by way of learning something valuable from the experience. 🙂


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