Outfit: Steak Date Night

Earlier this week, I saw my long-time stylist Jason at Salon 42 for a trim. Almost every time I see him, he does a little something different with the style. Usually, he does a blow-out, but on this day, he used a curling iron to create big waves. My hair looked amazing in that my-stylist-rocks-and-I-can-never-recreate-this-look-myself kind of way.


I’ve always liked the big-wave look, but as someone who is not very proficient with a curling iron, I knew it would be next to impossible to recreate the look on my own. So, I figured in the precious remaining hours of the day that my hair would look like it did, I needed to make good use of the time. I asked my husband on a date.


We tried going to Cowfish, but they had an hour long wait. So, we headed to a nearby favorite – Village Tavern.


As for my outfit, I decided to bring back the dress I wore at HLS since it’s a very warm weather dress and fall is right around the corner. My full ensemble:

Dress – Hello Miss via local boutique

Bangles – local boutique

Madras tote – J Crew

Shoes – KORS Michael Kors



I tried the 14 Hands for vino.


A garden salad with their homemade ranch – one of the best homemade ranch dressings I’ve had!




And for the main event – prime rib (with au jus) & garlic mashed potatoes. Nom!

Reader question: Do you do mid-week dates or do you prefer to do them on the weekend?

9 thoughts on “Outfit: Steak Date Night”

  1. Your hair looks great!
    Wednesday night is date night for us. Weekends always seem to be more about wider socialising, and Wednesday night breaks the working week up 🙂

  2. I’ll take a date with my husband any time! We actually have ended up at Village Tavern before when we couldn’t get into Cowfish. Haha. I love Village Tavern though, so I didn’t complain. 🙂 Your hair looks great! I also wish that I could recreate my stylist’s magic at home.


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