The Steak, the Steak, the Steak Is on Fire…

The steak, the steak, the steak is on fire. We don’t need no water let the…

Have I dated myself now? Please raise your hands if you get the above reference. #holla

And for those who don’t, feel free to google “the roof is on fire” (or click the link and let me google that for you)


Anywho, not sure if you follow me on Instagram, but I did post a photo of this meal yesterday after setting off the first alarm in my house cooking this steak. I think it really did almost catch on fire. Ok, so I didn’t see flames or anything, but cooking this bad boy in my cast iron skillet caused enough smoke that the alarm definitely went off. Oops.


But, the good news is that the steak was delicious. At least something positive came of it, right?

What does this have to do with TCL? I guess my dinner was about as hot a mess as I feel like my life is right now. Work is stressing me out and though my current project is almost over, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the near future. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m an IT consultant. My company basically sends me on various projects, so when my current project ends, they will send me somewhere new. The trouble is…I have no idea where I’m going – not the customer’s company name…heck, not even the location. I could be in Alaska in a couple months for all I know. But anyways, I guess we can cross that bridge when we get there.

In the meantime, my last major project goes live in less than two weeks, and I’m counting down the days. And as I count down the days, I am guaranteed some long days and late nights. Unfortunately, with all the stress from work, TCL is getting a bit of the cold shoulder. Sorry, blog. I actually have a few cool recipes queued up to share with you guys. I had photos for a leftover-pot-roast-morphed-into-shepherd’s-pie recipe picked out, but I can’t find the darn piece of paper with my recipe notes. And then I have some fun dessert recipes (heart-shaped mini pies, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting Cake Mini, and emergency chocolate chip cookies for 2) in the pipeline, but lately sleep > blogging.

So, I have the recipes, I’m just short on time… *sigh* I’m hoping to post at least one of them soon. In the meantime, may I direct you to my Pinterest profile or my TCL Facebook page? Or maybe you should just check out the Pinterest popular page – I usually make some fun finds there.

Reader question: Have you ever (almost) caught anything on fire in the kitchen? What happened?

7 thoughts on “The Steak, the Steak, the Steak Is on Fire…”

  1. Oh snap! Girlll, that is one of my jams! 😉

    I totally understand where u are coming from on the work front! My company was just bid on and sold and there are lots of hoops to jump through with very little job security! The thing is, as a company,we’re already very lean, but people keep dwindling down! I have to do my job + 3 other people’s work. So I’m taking a bit of a breather from my own blog myself. :/

    I hope everything pans out well for you!

  2. Once I came home from school to find our white Pyrex coffeepot on the stove glowing red. And the whole house smelt of burnt coffee! Apparently my dad had put the pot on high to reheat, then forgot it and left! Once it cooled off we scrubbed it out and it was good as new.

  3. My hand is raised! And now I feel a little old. 😉
    I totally agree with you, sleep > blogging. That’s why I only post about twice a week. There are so many recipes that I’d love to share, but I just can’t find the time to type them up. Recipe writing is still a challenge for me, so it takes quite a while.
    My mom often turned on the wrong stove top, while something was still on it. There were lots of burned kitchen items, and probably toxic fumes.

  4. I’ve been wondering that you do for a living that your job is so stressful and causes you to have so many Excel spreadsheets open. 🙂

    Hope all goes well and you find the calm you need soon!

  5. We have a super sensitive smoke detector and I’ve set it off twice. Once I was baking cookies, another time I tried making nachos in the oven. There was no actual fire, but the alarm could be heard 4 doors down the street. Super embarassing.


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