Breakfast and Books & Breadboard

Cheers from Asheville! We’re winding down from our first full day of fun here at the bed and breakfast. I think I took a few too many photos (I’m having so much fun with my new camera!), so I’m going to try to break our activities up into a couple posts per day.

Catching up? You can check out my first post from our Asheville trip by clicking here {Vincenzo’s & the piano man}.


Today started with our first ever bed and breakfast meal. Check out our amazing and relaxing view. Can’t you just hear the birds chirping?


We started with coffee, water, juice, and fresh fruit.


For the main event, we had french toast, which was topped with a sprinkling of sliced almonds, coconut, and a slice of bacon…plus whipped cream on the side. The french toast was nice and custard-y.

After breakfast, hubby and I headed back to our room to relax and wait for the arrival of my family. We’ve done a big family vacation with hubby’s family the last few years, so it seemed like a good idea to spend a couple days of our Asheville vacay with mine. 🙂


My family arrived ravenous, so we quickly headed out to one of the restaurants I researched that I was really anxious to try and thought my family would enjoy – Books & Breadboard.


The restaurant is combined with an independent book store.


My book worm dad was in his element.


I managed to find a couple good reads for hubby and I.


After perusing the bookstore for a bit, it was back to the restaurant area.


I had the mixed berry mimosa with muddled fresh berries to drink.


Our entrees were beautifully presented…on breadboards. Dad had the smoked trout sandwich with a pickle, Terra chips, and Deco Slaw.


I was torn between the turkey sandwich, chicken salad, and the quiche of the day, so I asked the waitress which she suggested. She said their quiche was the best around, and that was a sure-fire bet.


So, I had to try it, of course. Do you see it in this photo? It was a BIG slice…and why they call it “mile-high.”


Our waitress said the quiche was light and fluffy. She was right…about the quiche being the best around and being light and fluffy. It was both…and delish! I’m a big quiche fan.


Here’s a quick pic of Sis’s lunch – the ham sandwich with the mustard on the side.


And since we were sitting close to the dessert display, we had to order a little bit to taste.


Dad really wanted to try the carrot cake, especially after our waitress said this was the best carrot cake around. I was skeptical since they already had the best quiche, but she was right about this one, too! I really did think this was one of the best carrot cakes I’ve had. Not only that, but my dad, who is an experienced carrot-cake eater, proclaimed this to be the best he’s ever had. We really liked how they kept the texture of the fruits and nuts a bit on the chunkier side.


Sis really wanted to try the chocolate bread pudding, and she was not disappointed. I tried a bite of this one, too, and it was good…but not as good as the carrot cake. Though, I’m not sure Sis would agree. She was in love with the bread pudding.

Books & Breadboard was amazing! I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re ever in Asheville. It’s right next to the entrance to the Biltmore House, so it’s pretty conveniently located. But location aside, the food is great, they support local artisans & local food, and the people who work there are super friendly. It’s a must-see!

Up next – our trip to the Biltmore Gardens.

10 thoughts on “Breakfast and Books & Breadboard”

  1. I love the woods. I grew up in a very wooded area and I really do miss it. The smell, the sounds, the simplicity, the privacy… beautiful!
    The wooden boards are an amazing presentation of food. The restaurant looks beautiful! And your quiche… mouthwatering!
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation!

    • Hey Tasha! Sounds like you grew up in a lovely area. Hopefully, you get to do lots of vacations and trips to areas that provide lots of nature. 🙂

  2. Looks like you are having a great time! It’s nice to see you posting again, hopefully your stress level has gone way down since your project finished.

  3. I love “food trips”! (Not that food is the ONLY thing you do on this trip, of course; just one of the most important and most tasty!) And your food trip looked wonderful.

    • 😛 This truly was a vacation to enjoy lots of tasty eats and relax. Part of the reason we picked Asheville was because I’d heard they had such a good food scene!


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