Fashion Faux Pas {Outfit}

“Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly-challenged?” – Can anyone tell me what this quote is from (using your memory and not google)?

I’m pretty sure I wore everything you’re not supposed to wear to dinner this past weekend.


My fashion faux pas – wearing too many trends at once. Here we have: neons, jeggings, nude shoes, a modern blazer, and bright lipstick. Oops.


I actually like my faux pas outfit, but maybe you guys will have some tips on ways to make it better?.

Blazer: Zara
Neon Racerback: Madewell
Jeggings: Citizens of Humanity
Purse: Kate Spade (Recently scored at 50% off! Only 2 colors left online, but some shops may have this hot pink or the other color I liked – melon)
Wedges: J Crew  

What would you change with this outfit?

29 thoughts on “Fashion Faux Pas {Outfit}”

  1. maybe trade the neon tank for a neutral color so only one neon is going on? smokey eyes/natural lips. wear blue jean jeggings.

    LOVE the blazer. Love all the pieces, actually, lol

  2. I agree with Michele. Or get rid of the blazer or change the purse. I’m a huge fan of if your comfy than who cares how many trends you wear at once. You looked good and that’s all that matters! Is the quote from Clueless?

    • Oh ha! At first I forgot I asked that question about the quote and thought you were saying this line from your comment was from Clueless -> “You looked good and that’s all that matters!” lol!

      The quote in the post is from Clueless for sure. You were right!

  3. I consider pink a neutral and therefore see nothing wrong with this outfit, you look great! I might switch the nude shoes for black just to streamline a bit. LOVE the purse though, must plan a trip to the kate spade outlet soon!

  4. I agree with Serena, black shoes would pull it all togerher.
    Maybe a nice necklace too. Anyway, you look great!

  5. I’d switch the nude heels for dark flats, change the bag for a casual one made of a patterned twill or vinyl. And lose the dark lipstick.

  6. I would wear boots with this outfit or flats (i.e. ballet slipper-type shoe) and swap the blazer for a longer one that matches the jeggings.

  7. Great use of color with the lime green tank and bold pink purse! I would probably unzip the jacket, and switch out the shoes for black flats or pumps (as long as it’s closed toed shoes). And I say, rock the bright pink lipstick πŸ™‚ It brightens up your face, and most people are afraid of lipstick, therefore if you are brave enough for it, rock on.


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