Leopard & Ruffles {Outfit}

I got a new toy. A photo-related toy. I got a Promaster wireless remote shutter release!

Actually, I bought it late last year at a local camera shop when I was going to use it with my Canon Rebel. However, I was pretty certain after the purchase that I’d switch to Nikon, so I never used it. I bought my camera at the same store, and they told me I could exchange the remote. The only trick…they didn’t have it in stock. I thought I’d have to wait a little bit till I could make the exchange, but it didn’t end up coming in until this past Wednesday! I couldn’t make it to the shop Wednesday, but I happily went there on Thursday. After teaching Zumba and having dinner with my friends, I came home and excitedly started setting it up to test it out. Sadly, it didn’t work. I stayed up well past midnight trying to get the silly thing to work, and it just wouldn’t. I thought I’d done everything right. I followed the instructions on the remote and camera manual. No dice.

I googled for a solution. It seemed like a lot of people were having the same problem as me. The camera was turned to the remote setting, and though I got the camera to focus, it wouldn’t fire. All the posts online seemed to say the cheap remote was the problem. MIne was certainly not cheap. I finally gave in and decided to call the camera shop and if they couldn’t get it working over the phone, I figured I’d just go by the store. The phone call didn’t work, but the in-store visit sure did. As it turns out, if you’re not using the Nikon wireless remote, you’re not actually supposed to turn the camera on the remote setting. Doh! Once we put it back to normal shooting, it worked like a charm. I’m just so thankful I purchased my remote at a local camera shop because they were so helpful in getting my remote to work. Had I ordered it online, I would have been SOL.

I was so pumped up about being able to use my remote, I came home and took photos of the outfit I put together for a double date later that night.


Can you tell this is my first photo with the remote? I’m like…hey, is this thing on?!


If you listen closely, you can hear hubby’s screams of joy at not having to take my photos any more.



  • Destroyed denim: Zara
  • Ruffled tank: Ella Moss
  • Necklace: Urban Outfitters
  • Leopard print pumps: Vaneli
  • Bracelets: J Crew, Aldo, Sashi


{My wireless remote}

We went out for a double date at a local Greek restaurant I’ve always wanted to try. We ate flaming cheese, baked chicken, lemony roasted potatoes, and honey-sweetened fried doughnuts. Delicious and fun.

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  1. What an adorable tank…I love the ruffles! Which Greek restaurant did you go to? We’ve got our “usual” Greek place, but might be willing to branch out…it sounds delicious!


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