Neon Shorts {Outfit}

I took the following photos after co-teaching Saturday morning Zumba with my friend and fellow instructor. Class was extra hot & sweaty thanks to the air conditioning being either not on or turned way too low. Not sure how they can get away with that since it’s 90+ degrees outside, but we surived. I actually saw stars immediately after class ended, which I’m going to blame on a combination of the heat and not drinking enough water. Looks like I’ll have to kick off a new Project Hydrate, no? Actually, I got a reader request to re-do the challenge, so I’m considering it for August. Any takers?







  • Ruffly tank top: J Crew (old)
  • Neon shorts: J Crew
  • Wedges: MICHAEL Michael Kors (scored recently at a consignment shop – see below)
  • Belt: J Crew
  • Studded purse: Rachel Zoe (my first piece by her! another consignment score)
  • Necklace: ASOS
  • Bracelet: Wilson Leather

This may sound silly, but I feel like my new toy has injected inspiration back into my life…as far as blogging goes, at least. Plus, though the past very-stressful couple of years put a serious damper on things, things are looking up, and I’m feeling more and more myself every day.

And, okay…finally having some spending money again to go clothes shopping has inspired me as far as the fashion blogging goes. I recently rediscovered my love of consignment shops. I actually didn’t take my clothes there to sell, like I mentioned on a recent wardrobe purging post. I went there to shop! I scored the above MICHAEL Michael Kors wedges for a mere $38. And the Rachel Zoe purse – would you believe I got that for under $40? I love a good deal. If you’re in the North Charlotte area, I highly recommend checking out Fifi’s Fine Resale – they have great prices, fab brands, and the stuff is all really clean and in great condition.

I’ve actually been shopping online for a pair of wedges like the ones in this post for a few weeks. I wanted something with a super chunky heel, but I didn’t want to pay a lot of money. I thought I’d be able to find something at Aldo, but they didn’t quite have what I was looking for. I was getting ready to give up when I found these at the consignment shop. They’re 8 1/2, which is normally too big for me, but the strap is adjustable, and I’m making them work.

Reader question: Do you shop consignment? What have you scored recently?

6 thoughts on “Neon Shorts {Outfit}”

  1. LOVE consignment/resale shopping. Actually just scored a NWT J Crew skirt suit for my sister at one this weekend. $30! She needs interview clothes since she’ll be done with school soon and has a limited budget. Last weekend I got a striped J Crew cardi and a pair of leopard wedges. Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck with finding maternity wear because what they do have either isn’t my style, is overtly maternity (stupid back ties), or is really worn. I’m amazed at the wear because they would never accept regular clothing items in that condition.

    I wish I had some neon shorts! Or colored ones for that matter. All I have this summer is a pair of denim ones because I’ve got a ton of dresses to wear over the bump. I’m missing my cute critter bermudas this year that are packed away.

    • Nice scores, Nicole! 🙂

      Hopefully, the neons stay in for awhile so you can wear them when you’re out of maternity clothes and back in your regular clothes.

  2. If it were not for consignment stores and tjx I’d have no clothes and my house would be empty! Sad but true! My best score recently was this dressy orange tee that I paid .35 at the garment district – crappy store (but practically a landmark in Boston) but CHEAP!

  3. Those are great shorts! I bought some pink ones from J Crew this year as my first jump into the colored shorts fad. I love the neon, but am a little too chicken to go for it myself. Next time I’m in that area, I’ll definitely have to check out Fifi’s…it sounds wonderful!

    • The pink ones are probably more versatile anyways. 🙂 Def check out Fifi’s! Sometimes they post photos of recent additions on their Facebook wall if you want to preview some stuff.


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