Savory Spice Shop & Vin Master {Atherton Tour 1/2}

I had the pleasure of attending a special blogger event at my favorite local farmer’s market – Atherton Mill & Market this past week. Per the usual, I took too many photos, so I’m breaking this feature into two parts for easier reading.


I’ve been frequenting this market since it first opened. Since before it opened, if you count the tailgate market in the empty lot across from Phat Burrito. Does anyone remember that? I’ve enjoyed seeing it grow over time, and I was excited to learn more about it.

We visited three areas of Atherton Mill & Market:

  1. Savory Spice Shop
  2. Vin Master
  3. The Farmer’s Market

The first two are covered by this post since we visited them first.


Lynn was our tour guide for the evening.


{Wine samples from Vin Master – available at the market}


Our first stop was the Savory Spice Shop, which is a chain featuring a huge selection of herbs and spices.



After a quick greeting, we were off to explore.


Herbs and spices are available conveniently pre-packaged in small or large bottles, but you can also get small bags filled. If you don’t see the bottle or bag you want, you can get one of the friendly folks at the shop to fill one for you. The spices are ground fresh every week, by the way, so the quality is great.



Gift boxes area available in cute kits (like this Curry Collection or BBQ Lovers). Hint: They’re going to do a sale on their gift boxes if you purchase (I believe) 5 or more…coming soon. Call them for more info!


Besides herbs and spices, they also have blends, from various seasonings to rubs and more!


Fun salts. I’m starting to develop a thing for cool salts. I blame this recipe.


The shop is easily grouped and marked with orange signs so you can find jus what you’re looking for. But if you can’t, you can ask for help. The staff is very knowledgeable…not just about what’s there, but about what you can do with the various bottles of flavor. Not only can you get spices, you can get ideas for dinner, too!


I see myself spending a lot of time here. It’s such a neat, little place. I just love the variety, availability, and product utilization knowledge. Did I also mention that the prices are totally reasonable? You may expect a place like this to have ridiculously priced goods, but I found everything (that I looked at, at least) to be comparable to the grocery store. Oh, and for you clean eaters out there, they have nice ingredient lists. More on that another time. 😉


I left with something for dinner (we were grilling steak) and something for later (you’ll see).


After the spice shop, we headed over to Vin Master. I didn’t even know this place was here! It’s right across from the market (basically across the parking lot).



Inside is the most adorable wine boutique. They have a limited selection of wines, but they explained that they picked the good ones so you don’t have to. I love a time saver.


The biggest selling point for me was when Lynn said that you could come in and say, “I need a bottle of wine for a $15 friend”, and they’ll pick one for you. I tried this out this weekend and found a bottle for a friend in about 2 minutes. It was pretty fantastic. As someone who is not very knowledgeable about wines, a place like this is great for me.

Next time on The Chic Life – the farmer’s market tour!

Reader question: Have you visited a spice shop before? Do you have one in your town? What did you like most about it?

8 thoughts on “Savory Spice Shop & Vin Master {Atherton Tour 1/2}”

    • I think they’re a trendy thing right now, because they seem to be opening up a lot in recent years. Maybe you have one in your town?! 🙂 They’re such fun places to visit! Check it out if you do have one!

  1. I use to go to the market when it was in the parking lot!! I love how it has evolved but I do miss some of the vendors that use to come there. I will have to check out the spice shop sooo fun!!! Especially if it is affordable!

    • Yea! That tailgate market was fun!

      I’m planning to do some price comparisons, because now I’m curious. But, to me, they seemed totally reasonable! Hope you like it! Let me know what you think of the spice shop when you go! 🙂

  2. I have never been to a spice shop before but I’m pretty sure there is one here. I’ve gown up with a lot of sides in the house because my dad is a chef. We’ve always had so many choices.

    • Lucky you with a chef dad! 🙂 You should check out your local spice shop. It’s such an interesting place to visit.

      Did you catch your dad’s love of cooking?

    • Ooh, well I have an idea for you. Since I know you love to travel, perhaps you could just visit a spice shop in the next town you visit? If they have one, of course. 😉 It could be a fun traveling foodie adventure. And some spice shops even do local spices, so you could possibly pick up something special to the place you visit?


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