Green Jeans Consignment Sneak Peek 2013 {Lake Norman}

Charlotte area readers: Who’s excited for the spring Lake Norman Green Jeans sale!?

This is the last Green Jeans consignment sale this season. The next two sales will happen in the same two areas (Southpark and Lake Norman) in the fall.

I’m excited for this sale for two main reasons:

  • I’m hoping to sell a lot of items to help with my closet purge and to make some shopping money
  • I’m hoping to find some good deals


My drop-off was scheduled for yesterday after work.


The location is near Birkdale Village in a smaller shopping area near an old movie theater.


I managed to fill a whole rack of items to consign, plus I had 3 bags of shoes, belts, and purses to sell, too! That’s my rack towards the right. Look at all that stuff!

I selected 84 items to consign and only 3 were not accepted, so I have 81 items for sale (just over 20 transferred from the last sale). Let’s hope lots of them sell so I don’t have to haul them back to my house. *fingers crossed*


While I was there, I snapped some sneak peek, pre-sale photos. I’m volunteering my blogging and photography skills again for this sale, but I thought you guys would like a preview of what’s in store for this shopping event.


The sale was almost completely set up when I got there. Look at all those clothes. Many deals to be had!


{Non-designer purses}


{Dresses: from casual to formal}


{Another angle of the sale}


{Jewelry in front of the designer section}


{In the designer section}


{Another look inside the designer section}


{Look at all those tops!}


{And this is a small showing of the shoes they have available}


{They also have designer denim – racks of it!}


And here are some individual item photos…

(Items marked Discount: Yes will go to 50% off for the last 2 days of the sale!)


{Anyone a size 6 wanting a pair of class Louboutins for just over $200?}




{Juicy Couture – only $34 the first 2 days and $17 the last 2 days of the sale}


{BCBG – $10 and then $5}


{Trina Turk – $80 – no discount}


{Banana Republic class dress – $12, then $6}


I saw lots of 7 for all mankind available.


And this may be my favorite item at the sale – a classic Louis Vuitton for $400. Hello!

Now, who’s ready to shop?

Also, I took some photos of some of the items I’m consigning, and I’m going to share why I decided to pull these from my closet. I thought that could be fun to chat about as far as wardrobe purging. I need to get some more Parisian Wardrobe posts up for you guys!

Thanks for reading!

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