Olive Tasting Plate and Easter Dinner {Eats}

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking…why are you showing us photos of what you ate for Easter? That was sooooo two weeks ago. And yes, it was awhile ago, but I took photos of it, and darnit, I’m going to share them.

Okay, actually, I really just want to share these photos of a yummy olive tasting plate I put together for our pre-Easter dinner snack.


We arrived back from Durham in the afternoon, so it was a little late to do a full Easter dinner, but I still wanted to put something close together. I ended up going to Whole Foods because I thought they may have ham available by the slice in their prepared foods section. They totally did. Score! I got a few slices and while I was wandering around, I stumbled upon the olive bar. It was a glorious site for this new olive fan.


We pretty much skipped lunch due to the road trip, so I thought it would be fun to put together a snack board with various eats. I got a variety of olives, a baguette (which I sliced, drizzled with olive oil, and toasted in the oven), brie, grapes, and cornichons.


It was the perfect snack to much on during the rest of the afternoon to hold us over till dinner.


For dinner, I kept things simple. I took the ham slices and re-heated them in a non-stick pan over medium heat. I steamed broccoli and attempted to turn my dad’s mac and cheese recipe into something I can share here on the blog. He emailed me his “recipe” awhile back, but it has lines like “PUT HALF FINAL AMOUNT OF MILK TO FILL DISH AS DESCRIBED ABOVE AND SET ON LOW HEAT.” Wut? And yes, he typed it in all caps. lol. So, I’m trying to translate this into something that is measurable and repeatable. No dice yet, but I’ll keep working on it.

Thanks for reading!

Reader question: What would you put on your snack board? I need suggestions for next time! Please share.

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  1. If you’re doing a cheese snack plate like that, some sausage or other meats, and almonds would go well. Also some apple slices…apples and cheese are always good.


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