Shopping with Sis and Margarita Time

My sister messaged me a couple weeks ago wondering when she could visit. We picked this past weekend so she could partake in the Green Jeans consignment sale that she’s seen all over my blog.

The plan was to wake up early on Saturday and hit up the sale in the morning since it was the last day and the hours were short – 9am-1pm. Fortunately and unfortunately, we slept in. Not sure about Sis, but I definitely needed the rest. Despite sleeping in, we managed to hit up the last hour of the sale.


As I expected, the racks were more sparse than they had been earlier in the week, but my sister still managed to find some great deals. She got about 5 or 6 items, including a new skirt suit, for only $50. Not too shabby! I even managed to find a couple more things to get.

I’ll post a full recap of my purchases soon.


Since we were in the area, we hit up my favorite Indian restaurant, Sangam, for their lunch buffet.


We got hot tea…


…and hit up the buffet.


{my plate}



I had three mini portions of dessert so I could taste a little of each bite – gulab jamun, mango pudding, rice pudding.

After the buffet, we hit up Summerbird to see if Sis could find a formal dress for an upcoming event. She didn’t find what she was looking for, but I found a new pair of shoes. Woohoo!


We raced home to whip up a quick appetizer for an event later. Sis made this bacon cheddar cheese ball, a recipe from a co-worker of hers.


And then, we headed to my friend Jennie’s house for a margarita party!


On the menu – mango margaritas!




Jennie makes really cute headbands and other accessories. She’s very crafty and sells at local art & craft shows. You can also find her on Etsy at Three Girls Creations.


We hung out most of the evening on the back porch…


…with a table full of yummy snacks.




Fun times! Thanks, Jennie and Bill, for having us over to your beautiful home!

Reader question: What’s your favorite margarita flavor? Traditional, strawberry, mango…something else?

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