Green Jeans {SouthPark – Fall 2013}

I’m at the beach – a quick pit stop on the way to Zumba Convention 2013 in Orlando, FL – lounging on the ocean view porch of my hotel and taking a moment to share info about the Green Jeans pop-up consignment sale starting TOMORROW in Charlotte, NC. Technically, the charity sale is happening right now, but you’d already know about this sale if you had tickets for that!


{postcard image thanks to Green Jeans Consignment}

I spent a large portion of this past weekend prepping for Green Jeans instead of packing for Zumba convention.

I got really excited about purging my closet after seeing the wonderful results from consigning at the last sale, so I already had some items set aside to sell that I pulled shortly after the spring event. In addition to the pre-pulled items, I went ahead and had some tough love on my closet and pulled items that I hadn’t been willing to part with before. It was difficult (yes, I’m attached to my clothes), but things have gotten easier with every sale. I love seeing more space in my closet and more money in my account! These positives help me be more apt to adding something to my Green Jeans consignor items.


I used a TV table and my laptop to turn one room into command central as I priced items I had pulled and placed on a rolling rack.


But things don’t end with the purging. When you consign with Green Jeans, you get to price all your own items and decide if you want to let them be sold at a discount. But printing and cutting tags and then attaching the tags to the clothes is the real doozy for me. Entering the items can take awhile if you go slowly or have trouble pricing, but I zipped through that part pretty quickly. I used a scrapbook tool to cut the tags, and I used a tagging gun, clear packing tape, and some ribbon to add the price tags to all my clothes, belts, purses, and shoes.


All in all, I have 115 articles of clothes, plus shoes and accessories for sale. I transferred 39 from the last sale, and all the rest were either set aside shortly after the last event or pulled Saturday night. Some of you may remember that some clothes I wasn’t ready to let go of awhile back went to my parents house. I even pulled some of the nicer items from there, too, and added those to the mix. Phew! It was a lot of work, but I’m looking forward to tracking the sales as they go. I’ll be checking in from Zumba Convention to see how the sale goes and how my clothes are selling. I’m just sad I can’t shop the sale because I always find wonderful things there! If you’re in town, I definitely recommend you go!

You can get more info at Oh, and sign up for their newsletter for coupons and news. I helped out with some of their web graphics this year, so you may see something I’ve done or photos I’ve taken in the newsletters!


Also, here’s a random food shot, since I know you guys like the “eats” photos here on The Chic Life. This is one of the delicious meals we enjoyed this past weekend – a turkey and muenster panini on toasted sesame seed bread, cherry tomato and fresh herb salad (with parsley and basil from our backyard), and pickles made by my parents with cucumbers from their garden. I hope I get to enjoy another one of these tasty meals again soon!


I’ll have photos from the beach and Zumba Convention to share soon! Be sure to check on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook for faster updates! 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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