Pomegranate on Main {Greenville, SC}

For Father’s Day weekend, we visited one of my family’s favorite restaurants: Pomegranate on Main {Greenville, SC}.

Pomegranate on Main {Greenville, SC}

The restaurant is located very close to the Reedy River Falls in the downtown area. So, it’s great to swing by for eats and then wander around some of the shops or take in some fresh air walking through the park.

Pomegranate on Main {Greenville, SC}

One of our favorite things to enjoy at Pomegranate on Main is the plate of butter, mint, radish, and feta cheese that comes free with every meal. You put a little of each component on a warm piece of flatbread. The result is a refreshing starter with a crisp bite. Yum! We’re told this is a traditional Iranian breakfast.


Dad checked out the menu online before we headed over to ensure he could eat something and follow his new-ish vegan diet. He was thrilled to have found a few great options. One thing he really wanted to try was the appetizer sampler where you can pick four of the many interesting options. We tried the spinach, the tomato salad, the hummus, and one of the eggplant dishes. Dad could only eat the two in the middle because the other two had dairy in them. The whole family enjoyed the sampler. My personal favorite was the spinach. Hubby really enjoyed that one, too.


Sis and I had Persian tea. We love this stuff.

Pomegranate on Main {Greenville, SC}

A small plate of ground sumac graces every table. Our waitress encouraged us to sprinkle this over the rice of our entrée dishes. I like putting it over the kabobs, too.

Pomegranate on Main {Greenville, SC}

I must have been hungry because I forgot to take a photo with my DSLR camera. Luckily, I have this one from my iPhone. I usually get the chicken, but I wanted to try something new. I ordered the “Soltani Barg – a combination of one Koobideh kabob and one Barg kabob”. One of the kabobs was made with marinated tenderloin and the other was made with ground tenderloin and chuck. They were both delicious, but I liked the one made with the ground beef the most. My lunch kabobs were especially delicious with a nice sprinkle of sumac. I also enjoyed the charbroiled tomato and rice. Our waitress told us to cut the tomato into the rice and add some sumac on top. The combination of all three was very enjoyable. There was something to that warm, juicy tomato being mixed into the rice.

Dad raved about the food so much, he was still talking about how much he enjoyed his meal through the rest of the weekend. Looks like we picked a good spot for a Father’s Day celebration!

You can learn more about Pomegranate on Main {Greenville, SC} on their web site.

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