Michael Jackson Halloween 2016

When I found out we could wear costumes to work, you knew I’d be all in. I was one of few in the office who actually dressed up, but some of my co-workers joined in on the fun with some pretty awesome costumes too.

Michael Jackson Halloween 2016

I went as Michael Jackson. 1984 American Music Awards Michael, that is. The last time I wore this costume, it was for a Way Back Wednesday themed dance fitness class I taught with my friend Ashley last year. I wore leggings that time around. This time I went with dress pants. My outfit was actually pretty work appropriate. Dress pants, blazer, heels. Check, check, check!

Hardly any New Yorkers paid any attention to me while I was walking to the office. I mean…it’s NYC. These guys have seen some crazy stuff.

I did have one guy call out a “Heeee-heee!” (MJ style, of course). And another guy said, “Michael Jackson?! Oh, it’s Halloween!”

Michael Jackson Halloween 2016

When I went to Bluestone Lane for my new coffee fave, the flat white, I had a great experience. As she was taking my order, the girl behind the counter said, “What name should I…oh…I’ll put Michael Jackson” as she laughed. She said the baristas would get a kick out of it. I guess they did because the next thing I knew, “Thriller” was being blasted over the speakers. If only I knew the dance!

I was so close to learning the choreo with Mitchell Wayne Productions. They offered several sessions to learn the music video dance, but I didn’t make any of them. Maybe one day! I did make it several of their Britney dance classes in recent weeks. The videos are on my Instagram, and I hope to have the ClassPass recaps up soon, too.

Michael Jackson Halloween 2016

{Outfit: Kurra slim leg trousers by BCBG, black t-shirt by Splendid, jacket and MJ accessories from Morris Costumes, sparkle glove from Spirit Halloween, shoes by Michael Kors}

After work, a stranger asked to take their picture with me. She seemed really excited about my costume, so I said yes. I also got some random compliments from various people on the sidewalk. My favorite thing about the costume was making people smile and laugh. Nothing like a little light-hearted fun to kick off the work week.

Speaking of Michael Jackson, what’s your favorite MJ song? I have so many. My fave usually depends on my mood. I really like Will You Be There, Scream, Man in the Mirror, Earth Song, Remember the Time, and Smooth Criminal.

Did you dress up for Halloween this year? What did wear?


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