New Recipe E-Book Preview {February 2017}

Hello friends!

I wanted to share a quick behind-the-scenes photo of one of my latest projects. You guys have been loving the Top 5 Recipe e-book I created. But, I wanted to give email subscribers even more recipes in e-book format as a small thank you for making space for me in your inbox. As someone who is constantly paring down my own email subscriptions, this means a lot to me!

Here’s a preview of the work-in-progress book.

Planner friends: I may or may not have something in the works for you too!

New Recipe E-Book Preview {February 2017}

I’ll be sharing this with current e-mail subscribers first, so if you want to get your hands on this book before everyone else, go ahead and subscribe now. You’ll get access to my Top 5 Recipe e-book while you wait for the updated version to be published.

You can subscribe by clicking on this link (click) or signing up via this form:

Thank you so much for stopping by, reading, commenting, and being a part of this community! Hope you guys enjoy the new book. I’m doing some final edits and more quality checks before I send it out. It will be ready soon. Stay tuned and check your email for details!

Big hugs, Diana

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