What Veggies? {What I Ate Wednesday}

Hello friends! A friend of mine once asked me why I post photos of “unhealthy” food if my blog is supposed to be about healthy living. The answer is simple. I believe in balance. I believe that eating 100% clean and healthy foods is a nice thing to aspire to, but that striving for that perfection can cause more frustration than inspiration. At least that’s how it has historically worked for me.

And while I’m always working on improving my eating and working my way towards that goal of clean eating, I’m not going to feel bad about having indulgent foods once in awhile. Or worse – banning them completely. I’d say the only thing I’m a bit disappointed with in this WIAW is the lack of vegetables. Instead of focusing on what not to eat, I typically focus on what I should. And for me, I’ve found that I feel better when my day includes a good amount of vegetables. So, yea…when I look back on this, I think…what veggies? Although…salsa is a vegetable, right?

Bagel Breakfast

For breakfast I had a locally baked everything bagel with cream cheese. Plus an almond milk latte with some raw sugar stirred in.

Working Lunch

I had to take lunch at my desk because I had a presentation to get ready for an afternoon meeting. And I was so slammed, I forgot to take a photo of my sandwich. I had a toasted sandwich with chicken and avocado…and some other toppings I can’t quite remember now. I also had a small cup of tomato soup.

Feeling a little peckish in the afternoon, I had this omega Lenka bar.

Taco Tuesday…err…Wednesday

Do you guys do taco Tuesday? It’s so popular now! I never seem to manage to actually eat tacos on Tuesday, though.

If you’re in NYC and want tacos, definitely hit up Los Tacos No 1 in Chelsea Market. Their tacos are soooo good! I got one pork and one chicken, plus chips and salsa. To make a last ditch effort for some vegetables, I added extra pico de gallo and had some radishes with the tacos.

And I couldn’t resist getting some L’Arte del Gelato for dessert. It’s just down the hall in Chelsea Market. I’ve passed it dozens of times, but this time I stopped. I had the panna cotta and pistachio flavors.


And I ended the day with some fresh cherries and a banana.

Actually, now that I’m looking at everything, my veggie intake wasn’t quite as low as I thought. The toppings on the sandwich, plus tomato soup, plus taco toppings were probably not far from the 2 1/2 cups My Plate recommends for me daily. Guess it isn’t too hard to sneak veggies into the day?

How do you get your daily veggie serving in? 

Thanks for reading!

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