Christmas VLOG 2017 | Q&A with Dad: The Most Trouble I’ve Gotten Into | New Year Productivity

Hi friends! For those celebrating, I hope your holidays were magical. Mine were great. I spent a lot of QT with the fam. Plus, I dedicated a lot of time to doing some personal development projects to prep for the new year ahead. Let’s jump in…

*VLOG: Christmas 2017 Featuring a Q&A with Dad (The Most Trouble I’ve Gotten Into) and Rising YouTube Star John

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Christmas VLOG 2017 | Q&A with Dad: The Most Trouble I've Gotten Into | New Year Productivity

I flew into Charlotte to get Bailey. Since I got in around dinner, I grabbed a quick meal at Living Kitchen where I discovered they have a new “kitchen sink” salad. It was great – very light and refreshing and a nice way to get tons of veg into the day’s eats. I also enjoyed some cranberry walnut bread with coconut butter. How have I waited this long to try coconut butter? It’s so good! I’ve been wondering if it’s actually good for you in any way. Need to google it.

We went straight to Sis and Justin’s house for a family dinner. The app was Justin’s latest project – homemade tofu. It was fantastic.

Their dogs were dressed for the holidays. We didn’t bring out Bailey Claus this year. Haha. Bailey would be so mad.

They cooked from-scratch chicken parm, homemade pasta, and homemade bread, in addition to other tasty eats.

Adaleine picked out this delicious chocolate mint cake.

And the kids did present opening.

Christmas Eve

Sis and Justin came over for Christmas Eve dinner at the parent’s house. Mom made roasted chicken. Plus, we had mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and Trader Joe’s cranberries. Very good for canned! Don’t let the plate deceive you – I went back for seconds…and thirds.

We enjoyed Chocolate Shoppe cookies for dessert.

Plus Sis and Justin whipped up some frothed soy milk hot chocolates with homemade whipped cream.

Christmas Day

For Christmas brunch, Sis made sweet potato pancakes. We also had scrambled eggs with lots of cheese and fresh kiwi.

Mom bought us matching pajamas. She must have been on Pinterest recently or something. lol

Bailey was excited to open gifts. He even tried opening some before we were all ready. Totally busted. And on video too!

Mom wrapped his December Barkbox. Which he happily dug into.

Sis and Justin got this beautiful piece of artwork.

And we went over to John and Daisy’s house for Christmas dinner.

Their friend Josh’s dad made smoked salmon. This is the first smoked salmon I’ve actually liked!

And here’s our Christmas dinner: rising YouTube star John’s famous prime rib. Aka Daisy’s prime rib. Haha. Plus plenty of sides.

We did a hilarious white elephant gift exchange.

And we had mom’s flan and brownies for dessert.

Post Christmas

One of my favorite things to do during this time of the year is wrap up the year in reflection and prepare for the new year ahead. I wrote a whole blog post about what I’m doing. Click here to check it out.

While I’d already started Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever, I decided to go out in search of a coffee shop to get in the right headspace to continue. After unsuccessfully trying to visit two other local coffee shops, I finally discovered Methodical Coffee in downtown Greenville.

I circled the block a couple times looking for a space and finally scored one. The coffee shop was beautiful inside and their coffee was fantastic too. I had an oat milk latte since that’s my latest thing. Plus some single origin chocolate.

Shout out to the fantastic team at Methodical. They were super nice and even let me stay past close to wrap up my project.

After my working session, I met Sis and Justin for dinner at one of our favorite spots – Pita House. We enjoyed chicken shwarma platters and baklava. They’re so consistently good every time I visit. Yum!

After that, I continued my productivity sessions with plenty of coffee.

Even making a pit stop at Not Just Coffee in Charlotte for a couple.

This is their delicious fall latte with oat milk. I’m going to drink this until they stop serving it because they only have it for a short time during the year.

Salon 42

I took care of a hair cut while I was in town at Salon 42 in Charlotte, NC. Jason has been doing my hair for over 10 years now! I don’t even have to tell him what I want any more. Just whether I want to go short or keep growing out.

Psst…If you tell them I sent you, you’ll get a discount on your first visit (and I’ll get a credit too). Win-win!

And before I knew it, I was heading back to NYC!

So thankful for another beautiful Christmas with family!

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Thanks for reading and watching. Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

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