1,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Hi friends, I have exciting news to share! This past week, we hit 1,000 subscribers on The Chic Life’s YouTube channel. Wow! I remember when I first decided to see if I could actually make videos that people liked and found helpful. 1,000 subscribers seemed so far away in the early days. I didn’t know if it would ever happen. Thankfully, some have found these videos helpful. Or at least they’ve watched them a lot. Haha. My how to use washi tape video has hit over 33k views and my how to make stovetop oatmeal video is now over 17k. Woop!

Of course, they’re not all winners. But I’m studying my analytics, watching YouTube tutorials, and trying to make every video better than the one before.

The Chic Life Hits 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube

The Chic Life YouTube 1,000 Subscribers!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has subscribed, liked a video, and/or watched a video (especially all the way through!). All of those things seem so insignificant, but they really add up to help my channel out. Seeing your likes and reading your comments encourages me to continue making videos and also helps me determine where to focus my energy. Which types of videos you like and want to see more.

PS If any of you are YouTubers too (or aspiring YouTubers), I wrote a post on my other blog about YouTube Monetization Rules and how to know if you qualify for monetization.

Giveaway, What?!

As a small token of my appreciation, I’m currently planning out a giveaway for you guys to celebrate the good news. So stay tuned for that. Things are a bit crazy now, but I’m hoping to get this up and running in the next week. So it may even be in the next newsletter!

4th of July 2018

Thought I’d share a random selfie from July 4th to pop in and say hello.

Here’s to more video fun in the future. Thank you again for your support!

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