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As you know if you’ve been part of The Chic Life community for awhile, I’m HUGE on surrounding yourself with positive things.

All the positivity things:

  • positive messages
  • positive people
  • positive imagery

Basically, I’m big on brainwashing yourself with positivity.


Well, way back when…I made a conscious decision to get myself unstuck and OUT of negativity.

And knowing how strongly we’re influenced by all the things around us, I made it my mission to remove as much negativity as possible and surround myself with as much positivity as possible.

I put positive quotes on sticky notes and put them on my work desk, my bathroom mirrors, and all around. I bought clothes with positive messages so I’d see them when I looked in the mirror. I got mugs with positive quotes and messages since I drink coffee every day – that way I’d start my day with a positive message to set the tone.

And my strategy worked! Over time, I became less and less negative and more and more positive.

Life has become so much better as I’ve slowly but surely transformed and manifested the life of my dreams, one day, one desire, and one uplevel at a time.

I’m currently working on a TON of ways to help you surround yourself with positivity. Besides all the positive content that has been here (and on my social accounts, YouTube, etc.) for years.

My latest creation is this:

A free email series where you get one positive affirmation delivered to your email inbox every day for a whole year!

Looking at positive messages on the regular literally helped me change my life for the better, and I want to have another way to help you take the same journey.

Sign up here:

Stay tuned for new content and even some physical products (squee!) – t-shirts, planners, notepads, jewelry, affirmation cards, and more to help you drop the negativity, step into positivity, feel great, and create your dream life.

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