Healthy Fall Bucket List

Looking for some fun fall activities and ideas? There are already so many fall bucket list ideas. So I thought, why not put a healthy twist on the idea and share a Healthy Fall Bucket List for adults. And here it is!

Let’s enjoy fall to the fullest!

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Healthy fall bucket list with icons and names of different fall activities and ideas

Healthy Fall Bucket List for Adults

Here are some fun ways to give your healthy lifestyle a festive, fall twist.

Go to a farmers market

Shop for in-season produce at your local farmers market. You’ll get the freshest and most nutrient-dense veggies and support your local ecosystem and community.

Visiting the farmers market is a fun way to get some fresh air and support your healthy lifestyle with local fruits and vegetables. According to the CDC, only 1 in 10 adults get enough fruits and veggies. So stock up and enjoy some yummy, seasonal fare.

Use the seasonal produce you find in some of the other ideas below!

Have a fall themed picnic

Take your fall theme as far as you want. Fall outfits? Okay! Fall picnic decorations – blankets, pillows, flowers? Whatever floats your boat.

Probably the easiest way to apply this theme is by making (or buying) fall themed foods.

Go for a hike

The changing colors of leaves in the mountains is famous here in the South in the US. Is it like this where you are?

Either way, enjoy the cooler fall weather and nature’s fall vibes with an outdoor hike or even a walk in nature.

Visit a corn maze

If hiking isn’t your thing, another fun way to spend time outdoors is by doing a corn maze.

The maze I did is called the Amazing Maize Maze near Charlotte, NC. At this maze, you not only try to find your way out of the maze, you can also do a puzzle within the maze. I’ve always gone too late in the day, but I believe there are normally snacks and possibly even a couple other activities.

Check out your local corn maze options to see what your options are.

Make an apple recipe

I make this easy individual apple crisp recipe regularly during the fall because I don’t really need to measure anything, and it whips up super fast. Get the recipe linked below.

There’s a hot debate whether apples or pumpkin are the better fall food. I’ve decided to include both on this list since I enjoy them both quite a bit.

Personally, I don’t think I could pick a favorite. I like to see what I’m in the mood for when I’m getting ready to cook or bake.

Here are some TCL apple recipes I love:

Get more apple recipes here.

Cook an in-season vegetable

Visit the farmers market (see the first idea at the top of the list) and check out the seasonal section at your grocery store and pick an in-season veggie to cook up.

This can be a fun way to explore ingredients you’ve never used before. Pick up one you’re curious about and explore recipes on Pinterest or Google.

Most squashes are pretty easy to roast up for an easy side dish. Other root veggies are wonderful in soups and stews. There are so many cozy fall recipes to try!

Sip on some tea

Try my healthy chai tea recipe for a spicy, cozy fall drink you can make at home – get my recipe linked below

Tea is not only cozy and perfect for cool fall weather, most teas are good for you too!

According to Penn Medical:

Numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.

Read more about various health benefits of tea on here.

My favorite hot teas to sip on are:

  • Green tea (herbal flavor)
  • Matcha (herbal flavor)
  • Chai tea (get my Healthy Chai Tea Latte recipe here)
  • Tulsi tea (herbal flavor)
  • Rooibos tea (warm, earthy flavor) – The Pumpkin Rooibos at Trader Joe’s is delicious, but it does contain natural flavors
  • Peppermint (minty, of course!)
  • Sleepytime tea (herbal/minty – so good before bed)

Comment your favorite teas below!

Swap to a natural candle

In the last several years, one of the biggest changes I’ve made to maintain a healthy, high vibe home is switching to natural products. Both in terms of using products with more natural ingredients and more natural scents.

When I attended a sound bath event in San Francisco with the CEO of Saje, he told us that fake scents harm our immune system. Definitely a good reason to opt for essential oils and other natural scents.

And you may or may not have read some scary headlines about how candles are bad for you.

Here’s what The New York Times says about that:

Still, the National Candle Association says that if people want to minimize the amount of soot released into the air, they should burn candles in well-ventilated areas that are away from drafts and vents, keep wicks trimmed to about ¼ inch and make sure that the pool of wax is free of debris.

Paraffin wax is made from petroleum byproducts, so if you’re concerned about the environment, consider soy, stearin or beeswax candles instead. Soy candles have also been shown to produce less soot than paraffin candles, and some people, including those with asthma, may be sensitive or allergic to certain fragrances. If you notice irritation when burning scented candles, such as a runny nose or sneezing, you may want to stop or to burn unscented candles instead, Dr. Dalton said.

“Are Scented Candles Bad for Your Health?” ~The New York Times

And if you’re wondering which candles are best for your health, Healthline says:

If you want to minimize the amount of particulate matter you breathe in, sticking to candles made from natural sources is your best option.

According to one study, candles made from palm stearin only release half as much soot as candles made from paraffin. The researchers also explain that natural candles seem to release the lowest amount of potentially dangerous chemicals.

Some natural candles options include:

  • coconut wax
  • beeswax
  • soy wax
  • palm wax
  • vegetable wax
“Is Burning Candles Safe or Bad for Your Health?” ~Healthline

So am I quitting candles? No, they’re too cozy. And I haven’t read anything saying they’re bad enough to stop using altogether.

That being said, I am switching to more natural candles.

Candle held in front of a sleeping corgi
Love the fall scents by Evil Queen – her subscription is super cool too!

My favorite brands are by small businesses:

  • Evil Queen (her candles smell amazing and come with sassy labels and affirmations – she also has a candle subscription!)
  • Aire Candle Co (all made with beeswax – I especially love the pure beeswax candle because it smells lightly like honey with no added scents – I also ordered this pumpkin pie candle because it’s made with essential oils)

I also have started using some battery operated candles for the aesthetic value without the flame. These work really well paired with one real candle so you get lots of candle vibes with less soot and what not.

Make a pumpkin recipe

You won't believe these delicious muffins are healthy! Yes, Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. I have them on repeat for breakfast and dessert! This clean eating recipe is made with whole grain flour and is naturally vegan (though standard baking alternates are included) #recipe #healthy #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #cleaneating #recipe #realfood #vegan #veganrecipe
It’s almost a tradition that I bake these Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins every fall. I love them SO much! They’re the perfect cozy pumpkin recipe for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert. I freeze any I don’t immediately devour for easy-re-heating later.

Pumpkin is one of my fave ingredients to use in cooking and baking projects. Whilst it can be a little tricky with drier baked goods, like cookies, it can help provide a moist bread, muffins, or beyond.

All this while reducing the need to use as much oil and/or butter so you can have a healthier, lighter end product without resorting to weird fake ingredients.

Here are some of my favorite healthy pumpkin recipes here on TCL:

Bake a healthy recipe

Healthy chocolate recipes? Yes, please! Get this Chocolate Pumpkin Baked Doughnuts Recipe below.

There’s something about baking in the fall that is extra cozy and just right.

I’ve already linked some fun apple and pumpkin baking recipes above.

Here are some more fall-themed baking recipes to try this fall:

Volunteer outdoors

Whilst volunteering of any sorts is always a good idea, to make it extra fall-themed, try to find one that is outdoors to enjoy the cool fall air.

In Charlotte, Southend does a Rail Trail clean-up in October with a couple date options. And I’m just getting started researching.

I’m sure there are more outdoor volunteering opportunities. Explore your local options and see what you can find for your area.

Make a cozy soup

This Italian Farro Soup is easy and delish, plus it’s vegetarian! You could easily add shredded chicken to this if you prefer. Get the recipe below.

Soup is a year-round staple for me. But it’s especially delicious during colder weather.

I’m not a big meal prep person, but soup is one thing I think reheats nicely. Instead of buying canned soup like I did in college, I prefer to make a nice batch of soup and freeze the leftovers for quick and easy meals later.

Serve your soup with some nice, crusty bread or your favorite bagel. Yum!

Here are some cozy soup recipe to try this fall:

Do a charity run / walk

I’m not a runner. But I do sometimes envy my friends who are. They always post about all these cool running events where you get to be with hundreds if not thousands of like-minded, wellness enthusiasts spreading good vibes in gorgeous fall weather.

Occasionally, I’ll see an event that has a one mile run or encourages walking. Maybe one day I’ll sign up for one of these.

In the interim, I’ll probably opt for the Volunteering Outdoors ideas above.

But, if you happen to love running, then this is a great time to not only get your run on but support a good cause at the same time.

Check with your local running stores or social accounts to see what options are in your area.

Relax with a cozy movie (or TV show)

As a Type A overachiever, slowing down and resting is not natural for me. But over the years, I’ve learned how important it is both for recovering from and preventing burnout.

Whether you’re go-go-go like me or better at relaxing, fall is a great time to get cozy at home and watch a fall vibes movie. Or even TV show!

My favorite fall movies include:

  • The Harry Potter movies (these are also great for Christmas)
  • Lord of the Rings movies
  • The Hobbit movies
  • Practical Magic
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Labyrinth
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Ratatouille
  • Ever After

And some fall vibes TV shows to consider are:

  • Gilmore Girls (I actually haven’t seen this series, but it’s on my list to watch this fall!)
  • My So-Called Life (Apparently most of this show is set in the fall, and since this was a fave for me growing up, I’ve added it to the list!)
  • Charmed

Should I put a fall movie / TV list together for you?!

Note: This list was designed for adults, but feel free to tweak for your kids as appropriate for their age and your household. 😉


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Thank you so much for checking out my Healthy Fall Bucket List blog post.

Which idea is your fave? What healthy fall activity or idea would you add? Comment below!

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