My Quick & Easy Clean Beauty Makeup Routine 2024 | Clean Girl Aesthetic My Way

If you’re like me, you want to look put together, but you don’t want to spend HOURS blending a thousand different makeup products together. Well, don’t worry. As a natural tomboy who has a hectic schedule, I’m too lazy and busy for robust makeup routines. I’ll leave that to the Beauty content creators to put their talents towards perfect makeup looks and stick with my quick & easy clean beauty makeup routine.

And if you’re like me, keep reading because I’ve experimented with many products for my troublesome skin and have finally found some I love!

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What Is the Clean Girl Aesthetic?

Unedited selfie of me with a clean girl makeup look
I love my 5-minute (mostly) clean beauty makeup routine for what I’ve recently learned is essentially a “clean girl” makeup look. Here’s an unedited photo featuring the look. No filters, blending tools, or lighting/color modifications at all.

As I was putting this blog post together, one search term that kept coming up was “clean girl”. I’d seen it all over social media but never really got it. But I guess I should have looked into it sooner because the clean girl aesthetic is basically exactly what I love.

The clean girl aesthetic is all about looking effortlessly chic. The clean girl makeup look is relatively minimal and simple.

Yes, please!

Clean Girl Makeup Look My Way

Except, as always, I need to do things my way.

It’s so important to modify things to fit US better, right?

Apparently the clean girl makeup look doesn’t always equate to a low maintenance, easy makeup routine in practice.

For me, I need a makeup routine that not only looks effortless but IS effortless.

Not only does this version of the clean girl makeup look align with my lazy side, it also aligns with my lifestyle.

I’m a big proponent of avoiding saying, “I’m too busy for _____” and instead saying, “_____ is not a priority for me.”

And these days, robust makeup routines are not a priority for me. I’d rather spend my time working on my art, going to yoga, and making content for The Chic Life (like this blog post!). Also sleeping. Lol!

Where Do I Wear My Clean Beauty Makeup Look?

Diana wearing rose gold Disney ears holding an iced sugar cookie latte at Disney World's Animal Kingdom
Putting my clean makeup products to the ultimate test by wearing them for four full days at Disney. I used the exact same makeup each morning of our Disney days to see how it performed. (Unedited photo + natural daylight)

I wear my clean beauty makeup look EVERYWHERE!

And since I use a relatively small number of products for my clean beauty makeup routine, it’s easy to do at home but also when I travel.

These days, I go between wearing absolutely ZERO makeup to doing the exact makeup routine outlined in this blog post.

I’m SO grateful that after a lifetime of skincare challenges (cystic acne and all kinds of fun problems) I have the confidence these days to go bare-faced. But sometimes I want to look a little more…polished and put together.

A few years ago, that meant going with a full face of foundation.

But now, I prefer something lighter, more natural, and also WAY more easy! Less work + less products. Woop woop!

The result is clean makeup look that I can throw on quickly so I can get to enjoying my life.

Diana at the end of the day at Disney World's Epcot, sitting in front of a fountain.
Here’s me after a full day at Disney. The makeup isn’t perfect like a robust foundation-oriented look (plus primer, plus setting spray, plus-plus-plus…) would give you. But I’m happy with how it held up. (Unedited photo)

This year, I put my clean beauty makeup look to the test by wearing it for four full days at Disney World in Orlando, FL. Whilst I went in November and did avoid the hottest, most humid Florida days, I was still happy with how my makeup performed after a full day of fun in the sun.

My Clean Makeup Look Products

So here are my (mostly) clean beauty products for my everyday clean makeup look.

Here are my clean makeup look products (in the order I put them on).

Tinted moisturizer: Dew Skin by Beautycounter

I love how this tinted moisturizer feels light and natural on my skin. Nothing is worse than heavy, annoying tinted moisturizer or foundation. This blends right into my skin for a touch of coverage, plus moisture and SPF 20 mineral sunscreen.

This is great for a clean girl makeup no foundation look. Whilst I have found some foundations that are lighter, none compare to the ease and lightness of this tinted moisturizer.

From Beautycounter’s website:

One bottle, four benefits, this multitasking tinted moisturizer blurs the line between makeup and skin care. Sheer, lightweight coverage helps to create a more even-looking skin tone, while SPF 20 mineral sunscreen works to protect against the sun’s damaging rays. Over time, a radiance-boosting blend of black currant seed oil, peony root extract, and vitamin C helps skin feel firmer and look more luminous.

For my olive skin, I wear #4.

🛍️ Get this tinted moisturizer here

Cream Blush: Cheeky Clean by Beautycounter

A pretty blush is one of my fave ways to give my makeup a fresh and fun look. Once I switched from foundation set with powder to simply tinted moisturizer, I found a cream blush went on better. To be completely honest, at first I absolutely hated this product. Mostly because I’ve spent my entire life wearing powder blush, and this just felt so different.

But once I got used to using my fingers to dab this onto my cheeks, I fell in love with this product.

It’s so much quick and easier than using powder blush, in part because I don’t even have to wash a makeup brush to use it! But also because a few dabs onto my cheeks, and I’m done!

The tinted moisturizer + cream blush give my skin a nice, glowing look too.

Because I really like a girly pink blush no matter what time of year it is, you can usually find me in Rosebud.

🛍️ Get this cream blush here

Eye Makeup Options: Simple Eye Look or Chic Eye Look

For eye makeup, I switch between a simple / lazy eye look and a more chic (but not clean beauty) eye look.

The first is more of my everyday / I just wanna get things done today look. The latter is more of my – special occasion / I’m feeling a little fancier look.

Simple Eye Look: Lid Glow Cream Shadow by Beautycounter

Diana at a craft market wearing simple makeup, holding an iced latte
Here’s the result of my Clean Beauty Makeup Routine – my clean makeup look with just the eye cream. It adds a touch of brightness with only about 60 seconds of effort. Love that! (Unedited photo so you can see what the makeup really looks like with natural daylight)

For my simplest eye look, I simply brush some beautiful cream eye shadow onto my lids.

With a touch of shine, this really brightens my eyes in a quick minute or so.

This is my go-to when I’m in a rush because it’s so fast and low maintenance. And using this keeps my look to a true Clean Beauty Makeup Routine.

Not to mention this is the only eye product I need for a fresh look. And bonus: since this is a crease-free formula, I don’t need a primer. Yay for less products and making my clean beauty makeup routine even faster and more efficient.

And check this out on the ingredients according to Beautycounter’s website:

Cooling cucumber and calming chamomile help soothe and hydrate, while coconut oil and shea butter nourish delicate eyelids.


🛍️ Get the cream eye shadow here

Chic Eye Look: Powder Eye Shadow + Liquid Eye Liner

When I want to go for a more chic and put together look, I’ll do a mix of conventional powder eye shadows and finish it with liquid eye liner.

For the base, I use the famous Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This is my holy grail eye base because it keeps my eye shadow in place no matter what. I’ve used this for decades, and it’s always a winner.

🛍️ Get the eyeshadow primer here

I start with a neutral eye shadow all over my lid up to my brow bone. For this, I like the Bobbi Brown eye shadow in “Bone”. I’ve used this since I was in high school, so that’s at least two decades! It’s a classic.

Next, I go for a subtle mix of shading using the “Shake Your Palm Palms” eye shadow palette by Too Faced. Their eye shadows are so good and blend together well. For my eye look, I put “Get Laid Over” as my transition layer with a wide-ish eye makeup brush into the crease of my eye, blending well.

Then, with the pad of my finger, I’ll add “R&R” all over my lid. And use the same eye brush as before to blend the layers together.

I’m not beauty expert, but I do know blending is important! So I blend a lot during the eye shadow part of my makeup routine. This was my biggest takeaway from when I got really into watching beauty videos back in 2016. Lol!

Lastly, I add a cat eye liner to finish the look. For this, I love the KVD Tattoo Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in “Trooper Black – Satin Black”. I’ve been using this liner for several years now and am on my (maybe?) 7th or 8th liner.

Lip Look: Chubby Stick + Lip Gloss

For my lip look, I go between absolutely nothing, just lip gloss, and a pop of color via a chubby stick + lip gloss.

Maybe it’s because I’m a 90s girl, but I LOVE lip gloss! It’s my go-to.

But I do find myself sometimes wanting to add some color to my overall look, and that’s where I pair my beloved lip gloss with a simple chubby stick. It’s sorta like lip stick for lazy people. Haha! Except it’s more of a “lip tint”, so the color has coverage but not the same amount as lip stick.

For the chubby stick, I currently using the Tarte Lippie Lingerie stick in Envy. This is a pretty, deep pink-ish-red color that I wear year round.

Note: Whilst researching this blog post, it appears that Tarte no longer makes its chubby sticks. This is the second time they’ve discontinued my fave chubby stick because I had another one I loved before using this one. Alas, I guess that’s just the way the beauty world works. So I guess I’ll be doing an updated version of this for 2024 once I find a new base lip color I love. Hopefully clean beauty this time!

For lip gloss, I’m loving the Beyond Gloss by Beautycounter. To keep up with the pink look, I’m using “Peony”, which is a pretty warm pink color.

I really love the texture of this lip gloss. It’s moisturizing without the annoying stickiness. I love how it wears.

From Beautycounter’s website:

“Our advanced CleanCoat Pigments deliver beautifully sheer color and high-impact shine, while soothing and conditioning lips thanks to a proprietary process that envelops them in moisture-rich castor oil.”

Did I mention Beautycounter uses responsibly-sourced vanilla for this product? So cool!

🛍️ Get the lip gloss here

After using hundreds of different lip glosses over the years, I’m really focusing on using a clean beauty lip gloss.

I’m no makeup or food safety scientist, but I figured that lip gloss is the closest makeup product to your mouth. So it’s the one you’re most likely to “consume”. And since I care deeply about avoiding unnecessary harmful chemicals in my food, I should probably do the same with lip gloss.

Truly, that approach is why I’ve opted to transition to clean beauty overall. Your skin is your largest organ after all. So if you care about what you eat, it makes sense to care about what you put on your skin too.

So why not go 100% clean beauty?

Why Not 100% Clean Beauty?

Diana wearing a simple clean beauty makeup look - photo taken right after this Clean Beauty Routine
I love how this simple clean makeup look makes me look so bright and fresh. This only took me about 5 minutes to do with the cat eyeliner taking the most time. Lol! (Unedited photo using natural daylight)

Well, I’ve been on the world’s slowest transition to clean beauty products, so these are not 100% clean beauty…yet!

But, that’s just my style. The drastic change approach has never worked for me. Not for my weight loss journey, not for overcoming my naturally negative mindset, and apparently not for my clean beauty journey either. And I’m okay with that.

The gradual approach is considered by many the best to approach any sort of transformation. and I can say with confidence that it is the ONLY thing that has helped me actually change my life for the better in all areas of my life – health, mindset, beauty, and more.


More Clean Beauty (Plus a Discount Code)

In case you were wondering about my face wash, moisturizer, etc., I do my makeup routine *after* my skincare routine. You can learn more about my skincare routine here.

Learn more about my journey with Clean Beauty and see my top 5 fave products here.

Save 20% off your first Beautycounter purchase with code CLEANFORALL20.


And that’s my My Quick & Easy Clean Beauty Makeup Routine 2024 aka the Clean Girl Aesthetic My Way!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

What are your favorite makeup products these days? Comment below!

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