Curtain Question: Curtain Length

Internet research seems to indicate that floor-length curtains should be hung either

  • just at the floor level (skimming the floor) or
  • puddling on the floor (if the material puddles nicely).

From the top of my windows to the floor, we have almost exactly 84″ of height. Meaning, if we hung the 84″ curtains we have at the moment (we purchased about 11 sets of curtains in that length already…ugh!), we’d have to hang the curtain rod right above the tops of the windows (I’ve heard you’re supposed to hang them 4-6″ above the top of the window) and even then, they’d be an inch or two above the ground (which I’ve heard is “awkward”).

Now, I’ve been to a couple friends’ homes recently and have been checking out their curtains and it seems their curtains are hung so the bottom of the curtain is level with the top of the baseboards. Is this acceptable?

I prefer to hang our curtains like our friends have theirs hung because I think they will be cleaner (catch less dust/pet hair), will be easier to clean, and will be harder for a pet (i.e. Bailey) or kids (i.e. our future children – whenever they come around…don’t get all excited now…I’m just saying…I mean we have friends with little kiddos, too) to pull down.

I really don’t want to get the longer curtains because 1. we used a 10% discount coupon which I don’t think we could use on an exchange – bummer, no? 2. I don’t want to hem or pay someone else to hem.

Thoughts? Can we hang out curtains just above our baseboards? Please drop me a comment…I’d love to hear your thoughts/expertise. :)

Casual Holiday Pot Luck

Thirty minutes after getting back to town from my parents, I had to throw on a change of clothes and put on make up for a Holiday Pot Luck with my zumba friends.


Our head instructor hosted a casual pot luck at her house. There were TONS of people there!


Kat was my hot date! Oww! ;)

IMG_0181.JPG IMG_0182.JPG

There was TONS of food, too! Too much to name everything.


I tried to make a healthy-ish plate: tortilla chips, guacamole, spinach dip, rice, salad with green peppers, carrots and broccoli.


I managed to hold myself back from most of the sweets.


I did dig into some of my mom’s Christmas cookies – just a couple. Really, I’ve been grazing on these all day. They’re deceptively tasty.

So nice seeing my zumba friends outside of class! Fun times!


After the pot luck, I came home and had a small piece of the leftover Christmas dinner turkey my parents sent us home with.



I couldn’t wait to dig into the Dark Chocolate, Pecan, Goji Berry, & Maca bar from my stocking and sampled 3 pieces….


…with some Trader Joe’s Vanilla Soy Milk. I still think Soy Dream is the best, but this TJ’s stuff is pretty good, too!

I have the next two weeks of work off! Haaaaa-llelujah! It’s been too long since I’ve taken a nice chunk of time off and especially with the new house, I really need a lot of time in the house. We’re spending a few days with hubby’s fam, but I’m hoping to get lots of good work done in the house and make some me-time, too!

Guess Who’s Going Vegan?

The weather this weekend just kept getting better and better.


Though we had Christmas dinner with my family on Saturday, we did our gift-opening on Sunday.



First things first…I had to take Bailey out for his morning stroll.



The moss looked like something from Avatar! I almost expected it to light up when we stepped on it!


Pretty flowers!


Hubby and I are slackers in gifts sometimes and bought most of our gifts yesterday. We ended up wrapping up our gifts Sunday AM. lol…nice, no? I hope to do better next year.


I gave hubby some gift-wrap tips.



After gift-wrapping, we had brunch. Fried eggs (really, they’re more like poached in water, I think)


Great Harvest Dakota toast – 3 pieces with real butter, 1 without (for Dad)



Breakfast potatoes – made from scratch!


Bailey didn’t love sitting off to the side. He wanted to be at the table!


I had a little bit of everything, as per the usual.



I tried some of my family’s homemade peach preserves. They made this using peaches they picked from a farm.



After we were done eating, we did have a special gift for Bailey – a snowman shaped doggie treat!


We opened our stockings at the table. I scored with a slew of dark chocolate goodies, tea, a tea strainer, an eyeliner shaver and some nail files.


I was super curious about the Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate with Goji Berry, Pecans, & Maca.


My sister requested and received a stocking full of these Indian cookies – Parle G. She found out about them from a co-worker and LOVES them.


Before moving on the gifts, dad, sis, and I brewed up some tea to sip on. They had Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger but I chose the festive Tea of Good Tidings by The Republic of Tea. I thought it was the perfect brew for the occasion.



Present time!




We let Bailey open one of the gifts. Turns out he’s pretty good at gift opening.


After opening a gift, Bailey observed from the couch. Got some good goodies and money to buy something special (more on that to come).


Bailey helped my mom test out her present – a gel mat for the kitchen.




Mom used the mat to bake cookies. Lots and lots of em!

She sent us home with leftover turkey, a parsley plant, our gifts, goodies, and plenty of cookies.


Check out one of my Christmas gifts – Eat, Drink & Be Vegan by Dreena Burton of Vive Le Vegan ! I’m so happy to have received this book – I’ve heard great things about it on the blogosphere. I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes!

Speaking of vegan…Guess who may be going vegan?!?

No…It’s not me. My Dad may be going vegan for his health (as in to be more healthy). I’m fully supportive of this and would love to see what kinds of vegan concoctions he comes up with! He says he may try to go vegetarian first and work his way to vegan. Dad and Mom have already started incorporating some vegetarian and vegan cookbooks into their collection. Maybe they’ll have some good tips for me?! :) Either way, I think it’s pretty exciting.

Thanks for the fun weekend, Dad, Mom, and Sis! Hope to be back soon!

Christmas Dinner: A Healthy Indulgence

 Dad has really had to watch his health lately. He’s always been a healthy eater, but lately, he’s had to be extra careful. Just like Thanksgiving, we gave our Christmas dinner a healthy makeover.





Dad did a take on an Emeril recipe to healthify our turkey. He’s asleep so I can’t ask him exactly which one, but I bet he based it off this one, except with his homemade stuffing + cranberries in the filling.

The steamed potatoes are served on the main platter next to the turkey.

Healthified: no gravy, no skin, less fat (we used a boneless, skinless turkey breast) and steamed potatoes (no butter, no oil, just potato)


We also enjoyed a nice side of sauteed kale. Though I made the kale at Thanksgiving using my own recipe, Dad opted to use one out of Bon Appetit.  He said it was basically the same as mine sans chicken broth.

Healthified: A superfood veggie side, light on oil and butter


Dad made another veggie medley side dish: squash, red onion, tomato, herbs

Healthified: An extra side of veggies with a nice mixture, light oil/butter


Canned cranberry sauce.

Healthified?: Probably not so much. One day we’ll make our own cranberry sauce, but the turkey was a big enough adventure for one day IMO.


Great Harvest Dakota toast – 2/3 with a light dappling of real butter 1/3 sans butter.

Healthified: a vast improvement over the standard white dinner roll. This bread features fresh-ground wheat, nuts, and seeds.


All together now.

IMG_0040 IMG_0043

My plate – a little bit of everything


Note my nearly full plate and hubby’s empty plate…lol. He’s such a fast eater. I like to think my slow eating helps me gauge my fullness nicely.


The girls


Christmas decor on the buffet.





I prepped up a healthy berry crisp for dessert, though I did add some butter to the top to help it brown.

IMG_0065 IMG_0067


Healtified: used whole wheat pastry flour, light on sweetener, subbed some sugar with honey, fruit serving, topped with sliced almonds.




Too good to not have seconds!

Anyone else having more than one Christmas dinner?

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