Dancing in the Sun


After a most-enjoyable, healthy, nutritious, and energy-providing lunch, I got ready with my friend Megan to do a zumba performance at a local park!


The park was packed for a special event featuring some of the local activities and organizations. We were showing off how fun a dance workout can be.


I guess everyone wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather!


The sun was shining and the skies were blue with white fluffy clouds happily floating by.


Me with some of my faves: Kat and Megan


I met up with the girls I was dancing with, and we chit-chatted by the stage before it was our turn.


Hubby showed up with Bailey just in time to take some photos of us dancing.


Now, I know we’ve talked about stage fright and stuff and how I have it big-time, but today…I was fearless! I mean I was honestly not nervous at all. I was excited and happy. It felt great to be dancing in front of so many people!

Here are some photos from our event:








Bailey almost made a guest appearance.




Wheeeeeeeeee! So F-U-N!





Afterwards, Hubby and I headed out to a local shopping center that has a great outdoor eating area. We wanted to enjoy the sun and the beautiful weather some more.


We even took Bailey with us.


He was so stoked.


Hubby really wanted nachos but doesn’t like them sans meat. So, he got chips and queso instead. I had a few of his chips.



Then we headed over for something I wanted…


Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream! Ok, actually, I got chocolate brownie fro-yo, not “ice cream”. It tastes just as decadent as ice cream to me but it’s not quite as bad.

Small Rant on Portion Options

I wanted a kids cone (1 scoop) but they apparently told hubby (I was outside holding Bailey) that was only for 12 and under. Why the heck can’t an adult get a single scoop? I understand that adults shouldn’t order from the kids menu, but they should have a single scoop on the adult one. This kind of goes to the problem I see in restaurants in general in the the states – GINORMOUS portions! Restaurants think everyone always wants everything bigger and more this and more that (and sadly they do). However, I can have a single scoop of ice cream and be perfectly content and I don’t think I should be forced to purchase more than I want.

Assuming a scoop = about 1/2 cup, then according to benjerry.com, a kid’s cone has 170 calories (1 scoop froyo) + 114 calories (sugar cone) = 284 calories for a kids froyo cone (remember, this is for a KID).

Now, for an adult, that’s 170×2 (2 scoops froyo) = 340 + 114 = 454 calories in a “regular” adult froyo cone. I realize everyone eats a different amount of calories they try to eat, but this is more like the amount of calories I’d consider for a whole meal. And yes, I’ve eaten desserts and meals that I’m sure are way over this amount, but I like to do that very infrequently and my point is that one should have the OPTION to consume less calories by ordering a smaller size if they so choose.

The chocolate brownie ice cream version is worse – for an adult 250×2 (2 scoops ice cream) = 500 + 114 = 614 calories in a “regular” adult ice cream cone.

Now, you guys know I love my desserts and I love my sweets and I eat bad things and decadent foods. But, I don’t see any point in eating these things unless I really WANT to. And if I don’t want 2 scoops of ice cream, I should be able to order ONE.

I mean, this kind of goes to the whole, “big eyes” syndrome. My parent’s use the term “big eyes” when your eyes are bigger than your stomach, i.e. you put more food on your dinner plate than you can actually eat because when you look at it, you think you can eat more than you really can. Anywho, put too much food in front of someone and they’re going to try to eat it.

Again, I know ice cream and froyo is a decadent treat. I don’t care about the amount of calories/fat/sugar/whatever in them. My deal is really about portion options and not being able to get small enough size (especially when one scoop is a pretty standard size at most places).

And please don’t read into this little rant too much because I’m not really super mad or anything…just a little peeved. Ben & Jerry’s – I still love you and your froyo, but if you put a single scoop on your menu I will love you even more. :)


Anywho, my solution was having hubby help me out by eating off some of the top. Thanks hubby!


Random reader question: when the paper sticks to your ice cream cone, do you eat it? I scratched and chipped mine off. No glue for me, thanks! :lol:

Real Quinoa Veggie Burger


No rest for the weary. I was up early (ok, early for me, but not early for most) this morning.




I made a quick breakfast of Fresh Market Spring Blend coffee and quasi-Power Toast – Great Harvest Dakota bread with Barney Butter and chia seeds.

Then, I headed out for a super secret mission. I can’t talk about it. Not yet and possibly not ever. But I really hope I get to one day. :)

Afterward, I hit up one of my fave local restaurants – Real Food Charlotte – for some great vegetarian eats.


I decided to get my food to go and headed home. I really wanted to eat my food on our patio. We don’t have any patio furniture, but I decided to eat outside anyways. This patio is one of the bigger reasons we bought the house we did and I hope to use it a lot when the weather is nice.


Hubby brought Bailey outside to join me.




I got something I’ve been eyeing on their menu for awhile – the veggie quinoa burger. It was even baked, not fried, so extra healthy.


The burger came with a side salad. I love the salads they make here – such a fun combination of flavors and textures with delicate greens, crunchy nuts, fresh veggies, and sweet fruits – all with a light vinaigrette. So fresh and yummy!




The veggie quinoa burger was really really good. I know I should have just eaten the spelt veggie burgers I made yesterday, but this place won’t be open tomorrow and my spelt burgers will be waiting for me in the fridge.



I had Bailey’s full attention since I was holding food.




The weather outside was amazing, which was great because I had a performance later! And yes, I have lots of photos to share! :) Post going up later today.

I have some php files to read!

Thanks to my secret project this morning, I’m not doing so hot on Project Hydrate today. :( I should have just taken a water bottle with me, but alas…I did not.

Have a workout today? Need a good snack idea? Try this (click). Yum!

Have you seen my Green page?

What about my Facebook? Won’t you be my Facebook friend? :mrgreen:

Reader question: How’s the weather where you are today?

Meatless Friday: Oh She Glows Spelt Burgers


After seeing them on her blog and then on her guest post for my Meatless 4 Lent series, I knew I had to try Angela’s (Oh She Glows) famous In a Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers (click for recipe).

Btw, these are vegan veggie spelt burgers!


I put the recipe in a word doc and printed it out, complete with a photo (I’m very visual).


Ingredients gathered.


Into the food processor (I am in love with the color of this thing btw!).


Stopped to scrape the sides. Keep going!


There we go.

I wasn’t sure exactly how far to take the mixture, but I think it’s one of those – make it to your texture preference kinds of things. I wanted mine to have some texture but not be too chunky.


Here’s what mine looked like after I stopped processing.


In seeds!

We didn’t have pepitas so I just used extra sunflower seeds. As a promoter of diverse eating, I recommend picking up a handful of pepitas (pumpkin seeds) at the bulk section of your fave grocery store (the more health-food-y ones will have them in bulk) – they would be great in this recipe and you can keep the leftovers in your freezer to use at oatmeal toppers!


I was so happy to use more spelt flour. It is my current favorite flour.


To help me portion out the patties, I flattened out the mixture and drew in a cross. I broke each quadrant into 2 even balls to roll/shape into patties.



Ready to bake.

After the first 15, the bottoms were still a bit damp, so I gave them another 5 minutes before flipping.



While our veggie burgers baked away, hubby cooked up some Annie’s mac and cheese for our side. He is a macaroni and cheese making machine!


Btw, be sure to use a metal or very thin spatula, or your veggie burgers will turn out like mine. My plastic spatula didn’t quite get under the bottom-most layer, so they got a little rough. When I switched to a metal one, it worked like a charm.




Dinner is served! Delicious meatless-Friday meal for the Lent season.

I wish I would have had another veggie side. I can’t seem to get enough veggies.



Oh, and Angela is right – the sunflower seeds are amazing in this – they add so much texture. And, I loved how I could taste a bit of the dill so subtly in each bite. Yum!


Hubby (the meat & potatoes guy) seemed to like these pretty good, though I think he would have enjoyed them more in true burger form – with a bun and toppings and condiments and all that jazz. I like my veggie burgers plain. :mgrgreen:


I got seconds….split a veggie burger with hubby and got more mac and cheese. Yummers

Have you tried Angela’s spelt burgers yet? Click here for her In a Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers recipe.

Project Hydrate Day #12

I paired water with my coffee this morning and I think it made a big different in my water consumption. I mean, just starting on my water earlier in the day gives me the opportunity to consume more water.

I ended up downing 8 cups of water and a hot tea all before my workout after work today. Nice!


Need help with Project Hydrate or general hydration tips? Check out this The Chic Life Facebook discussion.



I have like 5 more M4L (Meatless 4 Lent) guest posts lined up – I can’t wait to share them with you. We’ve had some fab posts so far and we have some more great ones to go! You guys are going to have so many wonderful meatless meal ideas, you won’t won’t miss it!

SanFran0309 118

Also, one year ago today, I was eating dim sum in San Francisco! Click for my yummy dim sum eats and photos from San Fran’s Chinatown. Man, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I went to SF. I want to go baaack…soon! Maybe for Foodbuzz? ;)

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