Real Quinoa Veggie Burger

No rest for the weary. I was up early (ok, early for me, but not early for most) this morning.




I made a quick breakfast of Fresh Market Spring Blend coffee and quasi-Power Toast – Great Harvest Dakota bread with Barney Butter and chia seeds.

Then, I headed out for a super secret mission. I can’t talk about it. Not yet and possibly not ever. But I really hope I get to one day. 🙂

Afterward, I hit up one of my fave local restaurants – Real Food Charlotte – for some great vegetarian eats.


I decided to get my food to go and headed home. I really wanted to eat my food on our patio. We don’t have any patio furniture, but I decided to eat outside anyways. This patio is one of the bigger reasons we bought the house we did and I hope to use it a lot when the weather is nice.


Hubby brought Bailey outside to join me.




I got something I’ve been eyeing on their menu for awhile – the veggie quinoa burger. It was even baked, not fried, so extra healthy.


The burger came with a side salad. I love the salads they make here – such a fun combination of flavors and textures with delicate greens, crunchy nuts, fresh veggies, and sweet fruits – all with a light vinaigrette. So fresh and yummy!




The veggie quinoa burger was really really good. I know I should have just eaten the spelt veggie burgers I made yesterday, but this place won’t be open tomorrow and my spelt burgers will be waiting for me in the fridge.



I had Bailey’s full attention since I was holding food.




The weather outside was amazing, which was great because I had a performance later! And yes, I have lots of photos to share! 🙂 Post going up later today.

I have some php files to read!

Thanks to my secret project this morning, I’m not doing so hot on Project Hydrate today. 🙁 I should have just taken a water bottle with me, but alas…I did not.

Have a workout today? Need a good snack idea? Try this (click). Yum!

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Reader question: How’s the weather where you are today?

7 thoughts on “Real Quinoa Veggie Burger”

  1. Wow – looks like your eats and your weather were pretty perfect this day! That burger looks heavenly, and I would love it if Barney Butter decided to ship to the UK (she says, feeling a little guilty for the environmental footprint that might entail!).
    & I agree with Sarah above – your hair looks good curly too 🙂

    • Yes, they both seemed perfect!

      I didn’t realize Barney Butter didn’t ship to the UK! What about some of the Amazon shippers? I know you can order some from there and I wonder if they would have different shipping policies?

      Thanks for the compliment! Have a wonderful weekend!


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