Signs You’re Not 20 Anymore


So…as you guys know, I’m tuning the big 3-0 later this year. ARGH! lol. I’ve always said that instead of dreading it, I want to throw a massive party and celebrate my new age. I mean, 30 is the new 20, right?

Anywho, I definitely am starting to notice some signs that I’m leaving my 20′s and entering my 30′s.

Example: The new MTV Real World cast just hit TV and I’m not really interested…at all. Not that I was ever a raging Real World fan, but I used to enjoy watching it. Now I find it…kind of…boring? (though I do still like the Hills) I know there are some more good examples, but this one popped into my head since the Real World came on TV tonight. lol

Anyone else out there departing your 20′s? What about 30′s? 40′s? 50′s? More? What’s a sign you’ve noticed lately that you’re growing up and older?



I had an impromptu mid-week breakfast out with my friends Megan and Alex. We hit up The Flying Biscuit where I made a pint-sized High Flyer. Ok, it didn’t have all the elements, but it did have my faves: that freakin irresistible oatmeal pancake and peach topping, plus a fried egg over medium. Megan was a doll and gave me half a chicken sausage (which is what I probably should have gotten instead of the egg – I like to get things I don’t make at home when I’m out) and a wee piece of her biscuit.


I had co-workers in town for some meetings and they let me order food again! I ordered eats from a local healthy restaurant that sources as much organic as possible. The food was a big hit with everyone. Yay for healthy eating!

I had a chicken wrap with spinach, guac, tomatoes, cucumbers and a side of hummus and WW pita.

I ended up staying at work till after 7pm and then chatted with a co-worker till 7:45pm! I didn’t get home till 8pm, but lucky me, hubby is turning into quite the chef.



He whipped up some TJ’s breaded halibut, Annie’s mac and cheese (the creamy kind) and steamed broccoli with a drizzle of real, melted butter.

Remember to weigh in on signs you’re growing up! What have you noticed lately?

Zumbaing Solo


As in…leading a zumba class solo! More on this in a minute.

I’m trying to catch up from where I got behind from this weekend’s housewarming par-tay!


Hubby has turned into a cooking machine thanks to our new(ish) grill!


Yesterday, he whipped up a fabulous Bon Appetit recipe – lemon rosemary turkey with grilled red potatoes. I’ve been subscribing to Bon Appetit for the last few months now but haven’t tried any recipes. I tend to do this with my cooking books and magazines. But, no more! I’m making an effort to start USING these wonderful recipes at my fingertips.



He forgot a veggie but luckily I had some frozen peas to cook quickly in the microwave.

Ya’ll – this recipe was fabulous! The turkey was simple but wonderful and who knew grilled potatoes were so deeeelicious? I’ll definitely be making this one again! Thanks Bon Appetit!


He even picked up cookies for us – WW Chocolate Chip (vegan)!


We even had a special guest – Megan! We had a Drop Dead Diva date night to watch the episode I recorded from Sunday. Does any one else watch that show!? Can you believe Tony’s secret?? Gah! (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for any one who’s not caught up).


Fast forward to today…


Breakfast = Farmer’s market blueberry oats.


Lunch = Braised chicken (medium spicy) burrito with black beans, rice, bell pepper, pico de gallo, gaucamole, and extra cilantro.


Post-work…I led my very FIRST ever ZUMBA class SOLO!!! Yes, I led a whole class by myself and wow was it fun! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of participants (some girls from a company who will potentially sign up for a private class). They were so fun, had lots of great energy, and even sang along with some of the songs with me!

I was so nervous before, but I felt great afterwards. :) Yay zumba!


I went out for sushi with Erica who was at my class evaluating me so we could talk about class and how it went.


Miso soup, salad w/ ginger dressing

(plus tempura zucchini)


Cali roll with masago and a tempura asparagus roll.


And a chocolate strawberry frozen yogurt concoction for dessert: cookies & cream and ferrera roche for my yogurts. Toppings = cooconut, oreos, mini chocolate chips, strawberries, and chocolate sauce.

Don’t worry, I was sure to pack one up to take home to hubby.

What’s your current fave workout song? Tell me what your workout is that goes with the song you love! :)

Home Goodies


While I was a bit on the fence about whether or not to post our house warming gifts…they are truly too cool to not share!


We got some great stuff for our grill – sauces and a beef rub.




Grill Master kit


Martha Stewart (love!) magnets and TURQUOISE kitchen towels (love!) from Jessie.


A beautiful apron


And Cali bowls! They’re turquoise! And natural dog treats (yay!).

This fabulous gift is from a mystery gifter b/c there was no name tag on the gift…who are you mystery gifter? You know me so well! You must either be a blogger or blog reader b/c this was so awesome!


Plus my friends pulled together to gift me a gift certificate for our kitchen back splash. Hoorah! One step closer- thanks friends!

Thank you to all my friends for your fabulous gifts! You guys rock! :)


My sis, Megan, hubby and me had a nice family style dinner with house warming leftovers – a package of Applegate farms hot dogs we never opened! Plus veggies sis brought from my parent’s garden. Hazzah!


Plus leftover dessert.


My tomato plants are blowing up!


Look – they’re turning colors!


Megan threatened to eat one of my garden’s cherry tomatoes at the house warming party.

I scared her off with a look like THIS!


I’m a day behind blogging but pooped! Time for bed. I’ll catch up soon. G’night!

Chic Housewarming Par-tay


Saturday was MADNESS, but I was so excited! Our house warming party was finally here! I feel like hubby and I have been waiting for so long to have friends over for our house to be ready and now it finally is! Here’s to many more parties!

From the moment I woke up, it was time to get going and get ready for our house warming!


Luckily mom sent sis with sustenance this weekend. I enjoyed some of her homemade banana nut muffins for breakfast with some nice hot coffee.

While I enjoyed breakfast, sis and I strategized. We made a list of what we needed to do when.

The game plan:

  • 9-10am – breakfast/strategize
  • 10-11am – farmers market/groceries
  • 11-12pm – pick up rolls from Great Harvest and being early food prep
  • 12-1pm – eat lunch or use to make up for lost time
  • 1-2pm – clean bathrooms, etc. and get ready
  • 2-3pm – clean sunroom/vacuum
  • 3-4pm – begin late food prep
  • 4-5pm – food prep / get forgotten ingredients
  • 5-midnight – PARTY! :P


A treat for Bailey later and sis and I were off running grabbing stuff for the housewarming.

Places to visit:

  • Party City
  • Farmers Market
  • Trader Joes

We tackled food prep in 2 sections:

  • Early Food Prep (stuff that could/needed to be made early)
  • Late Food Prep (stuff that needed to be made just before people ate it)

Early Prep:


Tropical Chia Seed Popsicles (made from scratch)


Sangria pitcher #1.


No pudge brownies.

Plus marinating BBQ Chicken skewers (not pictured).

Plus I made simple syrups and teas for our Elixir Bar (for our non-alcohol drinkers). More on this later…

WOW did the time fly by or WHAT?! Sis and I were making food, hubby was with his brother and friends watching the soccer game…Next thing I know people are showing up! I was running around like a madwoman!


Megan came early to help prep…thank goodness! (she’s caramelizing onions here!)

After a frenzy of finishing prepping food (late prep: flatbread, beef sliders, turkey sliders, veggie sliders, toppings, mas sangria)

My signature touch of the evening (and hopefully for all future Chic house parties):


An Elixir Bar!


We had cups, ice, lemons, limes…


Antioxidant juice: Pom Wonderful (*), Berry Bonanza (TJs) plus pelligrino, plum wine, strawberry kiwi juice, chardonnay.


And…simple syrup, and two teas: Rooibos Tropica + Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Matevana + Rooibos Macadamia

The ingredients to make a fabulous and healthful antioxidant drink! I thought this would be fun for my healthful friends and those who don’t drink alcohol (non-drinkers should have fun drinks too!)


Floral decor – scored these at the farmer’s market.


Kat, moi, Megan


Hanging out at the app/dessert bar.



I thought I got better photos of the apps, but I guess I didn’t! Oopsie! lol

Megan was a doll and wrote out little namecards for me for each of the food items. I thought it would be nice to label the food and so we used wedding placeholders to help tell people what was what.


Megan and Bailey had matching leis!

I was running around almost too much to get food! I missed out on most of the apps and finally slowed down enough to eat two sliders and a fabulous Kate-salad!:



I had an Oh She Glows In a Jiffy Spelt Burger (click for recipe) and one of our beef sliders with tomato and caramelized onions.

We seasoned the beef sliders with Chef of the Future Cajun seasoning (which you can buy in my OpenSky shop – it’s great for summer cook-outs!), which was a nice touch to give flavor without overwhelming, so people were free to use different toppings.

Ooh and I had Great Harvest special make me some Dakota in ROLL form! So neat! They were perfect for sliders! We also used honey whole wheat and Virginia rolls.


Later in the night, cornhole ensued and people started moving outside. I was SOOOOO thankful it didn’t rain because the weather forecast was not looking so hot!


Our devoured main course/sides table.


And lookie who I found in the basement! Thank goodness it didn’t look like this any more!


My bloggie friends! It’s Kath + Matt, Katie + her SO (I forgot his name! :( ), Emily + Casey, Michelle + Ben, and Jessie + her SO (wow I’m bad at names!)


Seeing my healthy foodie friends reminded me I had a healthy foodie dessert in the freezer! Pina Colada Chia Popsicles! (homemade…oh yea!)



They were fabulous! Nice and not too sweet! I’ll be posting a recipe soon (and yes, this makes 4 recipes I owe you! Marinated kale, kale chips, those new vegan tarts and now…pina colada chia pops…gah! :lol: )


Friends relaxing on my duvet cover turned picnic blanket.




Beer pong!


And of course every night has to end with dessert! I had some wonderful cheesecake and some of our family’s Filipino sweet rice! Yuuummmm!

Phew, what a full but fun day! I wish I would have taken more photos, but hey…I was busy trying to make sure people were having a good time and I think they did!

I’m feeling so thankful for such great friends, family, and for our fabulous house! We spent a long 4-ish years looking but we’re so happy with the one we finally settled on! Yay housewarming! And congrats to all the other new homeowners out there! :)

Day Before Housewarming Par-tay


Sorry I’m getting a couple days behind now but WOW are house warming parties a lot of work or what!

Here are some highlights from Friday:


I tried to make hubby breakfast in bed but he woke up early.



I got more Vega Health Optimizer…scored it on sale (like under $60) on…hazzah!

Even Bailey likes the Vega. :lol:


And check out what POM Wonderful sent me!



A box of POM Wonderful samples! Deelish. I know because….



…I promptly made a delicious mocktail.

On the agenda the rest of the day – prep house for housewarming!

To-Do (for Friday – we had more for Saturday):

  • Clean Fridge
  • Pick up around house
  • Clear out basement
  • Install pendant lights (ok, our contractor was up for this one …lol…we’re not so handy)


Hubby picked up snacks from Great Harvest for sustenance. My sister requested a coffeecake scuffin and would you believe it…they had one left from the previous day so we put a hold on it! ;) I was willing to get anything for my sister’s help! lol



I cleared out and cleaned the fridge.



Pendant lights!




And eventually…we cleared out the basement. Yay! Thanks friends! I couldn’t have done it without Megan and Erica who stopped by Friday night to help me with my craft-storage project.


We rewarded ourselves with blueberry cream cheese bread! Yum!

FUN photos from our housewarming! Can’t wait to share! It’s almost 2am though, so…I should probably hit the sack. G’night!

Favorite Homemade Breads


Another super long day today! I’m going to try to make the pictures big and the words small on this one. lol


Hello morning! I haven’t been posting photos of my coffee b/c I keep having it way before I eat breakfast (and before I’m ready for photos).



Another fabulous vegan/GF breakfast crisp – tri-berry this time! If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing out!


Hubby brought home some fresh baked goodies – another loaf of bread so hot they had to put it in a paper bag! I love still-warm-from-the-oven-bread! This time we tried Great Harvest 9-grain!

I think I love almost any kind of bread, but I especially love a good whole grain. White bread doesn’t do it for me any more, though I do love my potato rolls – esp the Virginia ones!! Either way, I love how I can get my homemade bread taste at Great Harvest without all the work. Do you eat homemade bread? Know any good recipes?


I used some fresh parsley from my garden to liven up lunch.


I found some Clean Food Tuscan Bean soup I made awhile back in the freezer! Woot-woot! It was so good – even the second time around! I need to make this one again soon!


Lunch was fab with that still-warm bread!


I couldn’t resist another slice!


And for my other baked treat – a coffeecake scuffin!


Cream cheese filling! Wow, this was fab!


Post work I took a road trip with Megan and Alex for a big zumba class! They had a disco ball in class and turned off the lights for some of the songs – it was SO FUN!

I had a major poof going on tonight. I should have taken PHOTOS! Oopsie. I’ll have to snag some tomorrow.



Post workout I whipped up a quick chicken-veggie stir fry with brown rice for me and Megan.


Plus we had ice cream for dessert. I had Coconut Bliss in Dark Chocolate- so tasty!


Bailey loves Megan!

One day till my BIG House warming!!! Eek! Still so much to do!

What’s your favorite type of bread? Do you have a good bread recipe? (I’d love to try to bake my own bread some time) :)

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