Monday Meals + TCL Blue Polish

Monday was a good day for eats. I love that. Good food usually means happy me!


I tried out a new recipe – individual egg bake – and it was a success! I’ll be sharing the recipe soon.


And for another recipe success – a Meatless Monday lunch entree – whole wheat spaghetti with chick peas and tomatoes. Nom!


I whipped up some steel cut oats for an afternoon snack.


The cinnamon whipped honey made it a real treat and since I added a little…lightly sweet.


Plus, I now have a few servings for later!


Post-work, I went to Zumba and enjoyed a fun-filled workout.


And then I came home to a taco bar a la hubby – spelt tortillas (props to him for picking that out on his own!), tomatoes, lettuce, and grated cheddar.


Have I mentioned I love spelt? Oh yes, numerous times, right? 😉 Well, spelt just seems more tender than whole wheat while still enjoying all the whole grain wonderfulness. I find most WW tortillas to be dry and brittle but these were smooth and didn’t crack a bit when I rolled them into soft tacos. Whole grain tortilla WIN!


Oh and Bailey says HIIIIIII!!!!!!!!


And check out the new nail polish I painted my nails. It’s The Chic Life blue! Ok, it’s actually called “Royal Mint”, and it’s by Aldo, but TCL blue sounds more fun. 😉

What nail polish color are you currently rocking?

And which of the meals posted in this post would you most like to eat? Nommmmm!

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  1. says

    Everything looks delicious! I haven’t tried spelt anything yet because I can’t find it, but those tortillas look great! Lovin’ the nail color. I’m painting mine gold tonight!

  2. says

    ummm… all of it? Lol! 😉

    no NP for me, but my favorite is ballet slippers from OPI. Or was it Essie? I don’t remember anymore.

    • says

      We got ours at Earthfare, but most health food stores should have them – Whole Foods or your local health food store. They’re fab! :)

  3. says

    Hey Girl!!
    Those individual egg bakes look amazing!!! Can’t wait for the recipe :)

    Right now I’m rocking Dim Sum Plum by OPI. I love OPI nail polish and my cousin gets me 40% off from her work discount! I’m obsessed with nail polish and have a huge Victoria Secret bagful.

  4. says

    I love my Annie’s spelt pretzels, but I hadn’t seen the spelt tortillas! They sound like the perfect substitute – I rarely eat tacos or fajitas unless I have corn tortillas! Great find!

    • says

      I adore Zumba! It’s exercise in disguise. 😉 Seriously…I feel like I’m having fun instead of feeling like I’m working out! You should try it sometime!

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