Rockettes Fancy Box – November 2014


Update: The Rockettes box is no longer being shipped by Fancy. Please see end of post for more info.

Just wanted to share some photos and thoughts about the Rockettes Fancy Box – November 2014. I received my September 2014 box for free and blogged about my thoughts awhile back. I liked it so much, I decided to sign up for a monthly subscription, which I’m paying for myself now.

Rockettes Fancy Box - November 2014

Here are the goods from the November 2014 Rockettes Fancy Box. I was generally less excited about this box than my first, and I’ll explain why…

Rockettes Fancy Box November 2014 Breakdown

Rockettes Master Class Tote: It appears this item isn’t available for purchase anywhere online. It looks like maybe they’d been printed for a Rockettes event, and they had some leftover. I don’t really mind because I think it’s cool to have something a little exclusive. I think items like this would be good to keep including in the Fancy Box for Rockettes fans. What better reason to sign up for a subscription than to get something no one else has access to? The bag itself is pretty lightweight. It kind of reminds me of one of those promotion bags that companies put their logos on and give out to customers, etc. I have a pretty good amount of totes of various sizes, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep this at first. But, since the bag is so lightweight, it folds very flat. I realized that this is the perfect kind of tote to bring with you on trips where you plan to bring an extra bag of things home. Examples: a trip where you’re planning to do shopping or maybe a conference where you intend to bring swag home. Can’t say I’d mind toting one of these bags around the airport. Promotion companies have similar bags for about $7-15, so double that for retail, and it’s about $14-30. Let’s be conservative (and reference this Rockettes tote for $19.95) and estimate the retail value around $20.

Rockettes Fancy Box - November 2014

I Drew This For You Cards and Silver Case: The case stuck for me a bit when I first tried to open it and it easily collected fingerprints. So, I didn’t love this one from the start. I thought the cards were pretty fun, but I couldn’t really see myself using the case, so I decided to return this item, even though you only get one return. The cards and case were packaged together, so I think they count as one item. *fingers crossed* The full price for the cards is $10 on Fancy, but it’s on sale for only $3, though it’s sold out. I’m estimating the silver case at $10.

evo Beauty Is Skin Deep (Women’s Essentials Kit – Calm): As I mentioned on my previous blog post about the Rockettes Fancy Box, I’m not big on beauty samples. However, I remembered seeing this brand before and being curious about it. According to the box, this kit was made without sulphate, paraben, dea, tea, and propylene glycol. It’s also not tested on animals. For me, the kit will make a nice back-up at my parents house for when I visit so I have less product to pack. I’m looking forward to checking it out over the holidays. This kit includes 5 50-ml containers of the therapist calming shampoo, the therapist calming conditioner, the great hydrator moisture mask, soap dodger body wash, and self indulgence body crème. Retails for $30 on the evo site but is on sale for only $9 at Fancy.

Rockettes Fancy Box - November 2014

Coco “Channel” Tray: The Coco “Channel” tray was my biggest disappointment. At first, I was thrilled. I love Coco Chanel, I love this quote, and I love the light turquoise color of this tray. However, when I noticed the typo (it should be “Chanel” with one “n”), it was a big let down. My friend also got this month’s Fancy Box, and her plate was spelled correctly. I’m not sure what happened to this item. I guess a batch went out with the wrong spelling? Now, for the worst part. I emailed Fancy’s customer service to ask about returning both the cards (above) and this tray, and they said I could still only return one item. I understand the one item limitation. But in my opinion, I should be able to return both or at least return the card set and get a tray with the correct spelling. Now, for the upside. I contacted the company listed on the back of this plate, Blue and Cream. They said they weren’t actually involved with the trays in the Fancy boxes directly but that they’d be happy to send me a new tray. They didn’t have the same tray, but they offered anther Coco Chanel plate. Thank you, Blue and Cream! The tray retails for $45 on the Blue and Cream site and was on sale for $13.50 on Fancy. The Coco Chanel option is sold out, though.

Rockettes Fancy Box - November 2014

Dance Inspire Dream Rockettes Mug: This was my favorite item from the November 2014 Rockettes Fancy Box. I don’t think I could have too many mugs. My husband may disagree. But, I kind of love collecting them. I like the size of this mug, and of course I love the inspirational words on the front. This mug has already gotten lots of good use. This retails for $14.95 on the Rockettes site. And it appears the online shop is somehow connected to Amazon, because this mug is showing as free with Prime shipping!

Estimated Total Value

Items: Tote + Cards + Case + evo Hair Kit + Tray + Mug

If you add up the lower prices: $20 + $3 + $10 + $9 + $13.50 + $14.95 = $70.45

If you add up the upper prices: $20 + $10 + $10 + $30 + $45 + $14.95 = $129.95

The box cost me $46.95 ($39 monthly fee + $7.95 shipping) – minus a couple referral credits (thank you!).


This wasn’t my favorite box overall, though there were some good items included. I went ahead and sent back both the cards/case and the tray because I didn’t want either of them. I guess we’ll see which item Fancy credits me for. I wish they’d credit me for the cards/case and just sent me a new tray because I did love it. I just don’t want a misspelled tray.

One other small change this month that made me a little sad was the lack of explanation card. They had one in the September box. On the card, the Rockettes explained why they selected the items they did. I also asked Fancy’s customer service about this. They said, “as part of Fancy’s initiative to be more green and adapt more eco-conscious practices, we have stopped including inserts in all of our Fancy Boxes.” I’m all about being green, but they did still send me a business card and two stickers. I’d rather have the explanation card. As an alternative in the future, I’d love to see Fancy maybe offer an emailed explanation “card” or another online, eco-friendly option. I really liked hearing about why the Rockettes selected the items they did.

This may not have been the best box, but I wasn’t ready to call it quits yet. And now that I have the December box in my possession, I’m so glad I kept it. Can’t wait to show you photos from the December box!

Link Info

You can check out my first blog post on the Rockettes Fancy Box for more details about the box overall. If you’re interested in signing up, I’d love for you to use my referral link, which is: (removed). Fancy has a referral program, which they offer to everyone (not just bloggers). If you use my referral link, I’ll receive a small credit. You can read more about the Fancy referral program on their FAQ page. Update 12/29/2014: I received an email today that Fancy will no longer be shipping the Rockettes boxes. Bummer! Though there are some other interesting boxes at Fancy, I decided to cancel my subscription. It would have transferred to the Mystery Box on January 2nd otherwise. I’ve also removed my referral link from the end of this post. I actually have my eye on another subscription box, so if I sign up for that one, I’ll let you know what I think! 

Thanks for reading!

Rockettes Fancy Box


Update: The Rockettes box is no longer being shipped by Fancy. Please see end of post for more info.

I received an exciting email several weeks ago asking if I’d like a free Rockettes Fancy Box. Are you kidding me? You’re darn right I’d like one! Woohoo! I guess the Rockettes must have liked my blog post about my experience taking the Rockettes Time-Tested Prevention with Passion session at Zumba Convention because the email came shortly after that blog post went live. They didn’t ask me to review the box, but I wanted to share some photos with you guys since I know there are some dance fans out there who may be interested in seeing them.

The Rockettes are some of the most fabulous dancers around, so I couldn’t wait to see what they’d select for their monthly subscription box.

Rockettes Fancy Box

I know the subscription box thing is all the rage, but I actually haven’t signed up for any. Or at least, I hadn’t till I saw this box.

I used to receive a quasi-subscription beauty box many years ago when I used to write for a popular review site. They’d send me a giant box full of samples and full size beauty products. The box was fun at first, but I found reviewing some of the products difficult. The colors didn’t always work or the product was just something I wouldn’t use. I learned that I’m pretty boring when it comes to beauty products. I find something I like, and I use it over and over and over again. I’m also pretty simple when it comes to beauty products. My inner tomboy is an influence, too. I think make-up is fun and all, but I usually wear it more when I think it’s needed than just for fun.

Nowadays, I love buying things for dance fitness class. I haven’t counted, but it seems like my dance fitness clothes and accessories are slowly starting to outnumber my “real clothes.” Oops.

Rockettes Fancy Box

So, what’s a Rockettes Fancy Box?

The Rockettes Fancy Box is a subscription box where you receive a monthly box of the Rockettes favorite items. According to the site, the items range “from dance to beauty, fashion to fitness.” You’ll receive $80.00+ worth of products for $39* plus shipping and handling (about $7.95 at the time of this post, depending on where you live).


I loved the packaging of the Rockettes Fancy Box. Firstly, there’s a giant Rockettes logo on the side that got me excited when I saw the box. Inside, the box is well-packaged with plenty of filler materials that are super-cute. And the goods and packaging are layered nicely, too.

Can I return stuff if I don’t like it*?

According to the Fancy site, you can return one (only one!) item per month within 30 days of delivery, but you have to contact their customer service first. I didn’t see any notes about shipping and since the box doesn’t come with free shipping, I’m guessing you’ll have to pay to get the item back to Fancy. The item must be unused (mais oui!). The site says they’ll either exchange the item for something similar or credit your account. I’m unclear on how this decision is made, but I’m thinking you’ll probably discuss it with customer service when you contact them about your return.

*Be sure to check out the Fancy site for details in case any prices, terms, etc. have changed since this blog post was written.

Rockettes Fancy Box

I received a letter, card, and a couple stickers. And I think some of the Rockettes may have actually signed my letter! I can’t quite tell if this is one of those letters where the signatures are printed on, but I thought I could see real marker marks on it. Wishful thinking?

Rockettes Fancy Box

Here’s a photo of the contents of the September Rockettes Fancy Box. I received:

  • a tote
  • legwarmers
  • headbands/hairbands
  • a portable speaker

And every box comes with a card where the Fancy Box curator (there are other types out there by celebrities, etc.) explains why they selected each item.

Rockettes Fancy Box

American Apparel Leg Warmers: Retail value is $18 according to their site. Since I’m a dance fitness instructor and not a dancer-in-training, I will probably not get great use out of these. I may wear them to one of our toning classes, but it’s more likely I’ll use these for an 80′s party or Halloween costume (Flashdance?). Still, I do love American Apparel. And even though they’re not very practical, I do love leg warmers. You can take a girl out of the 80′s, but you can’t take the 80′s out of the girl. I may try to put an outfit (to wear around town, not just to class) together with these since the weather is getting cool. Or I bet I can wear them around the house, too. The Rockettes said, “Legwarmers are a classic staple for any dancer. And there not just for ballet class – pair them with a cute skirt for a perfect fall look.

Twistband (set of 3): Retail value is $12 according to their site. I usually wear my hair down when I teach class, but now that my hair is shorter, these could really come in handy to keep the flyways back when worn as a headband. I’m not sure if they’ll work as hair ties since I can barely get my hair into a mini-ponytail. I do like how stretchy these are and how they’re thin. I’m looking forward to trying these out. And, I’m glad they picked the colors they did! They’re so vibrant and will be great for Zumba. The Rockettes said, “We would be lost without these headbands during long days of rehearsing at the studio. No dancer should be caught without one!

Rockettes Fancy Box

Veho VSS-007-360BT Bluetooth Speaker, White: Retail value is $34.99 according to Amazon (though it’s currently for sale today on the site for $30.19 with Prime shipping – *not* an affiliate link by the way). You’d be surprised how many times my dance friends and I play songs for practice, etc. using just the speakers on our phones. If I had this little speaker with me, it would be a much better solution. I’m not sure how likely I am to actually tote this thing around, even it’s not all that big or heavy. And since I already have a full-size speaker that I bring with me all around to teach class, I may not need this little guy on class nights. But, one never knows. In the meantime, I’m thinking there’s a good chance I’ll be bringing this little speaker around the house with me so I can play music and listen to audiobooks whilst cooking or cleaning. The Rockettes said, “We’re always listening to music – on the go, at rehearsal, and practicing choreography when we go home at night. This convenient portable speaker will let your music go wherever you go!

If Not Now Then When Tote: Retail value is estimated at $22 printed (I think this is the American Apparel Bull Denim Woven Cotton Tote – retail $15 plain). This was my favorite item in the September Rockettes Fancy Box. I realized the other day that I don’t have a lot of average-sized totes. I was going to the coffee shop and wanted to bring a book and notebook but not my laptop. I normally stick the books in the side pocket of my laptop bag, but I didn’t want to bring my laptop bag with books and no laptop. That seemed odd. So, I think this tote will perfect for my books and non-laptop randomness. I see many trips to the coffee shop and who knows where else with this tote. Not only is the size great and useful, but I love the message, too. I’ve been sitting on some ideas that I need to get started on. Instead of procrastinating, I should remember to take a look at my awesome new tote and think about just starting now. The Rockettes said, “Every woman needs a tote she can carry everywhere, that fits everything. This bag is great for dance class, going to the gym, groceries – you name it. And the power quote is an added bonus!

Rockettes Fancy Box

{Bailey is a fan!}


Total estimated value is $18 + $12 + $34.99 + $22 = $86.99. Not bad!

I actually took the plunge and signed up for my first subscription service thanks to this free sample box. Though the make-up boxes may not be my thing, I’m digging the dance theme of the Rockettes Fancy Box. I’m not sure if subscription boxes are my thing, in general, but I’m going to give this one (and maybe a couple others – I just signed up for a Bark Box, too) a try…at least for a couple months. Though it’s nice how this box comes with full-sized products (I’m not a fan of samples), this one is more on the expensive side. It doesn’t sound that bad at $39 a month, but once you factor in the $7.95* for shipping, you’re looking at almost $50 a month for stuff you may or may not need. I wish the shipping was free or that you could do an every-other-month subscription. But, we’ll see how it goes. I did love my September box, after all. I am looking forward to seeing what’s in my November box!

Link Info

If you’re interested in a Rockettes Fancy Box or Fancy Box in general, I’d love for you to use my referral link, which is (removed). If you use my link to sign up or purchase anything, I’ll receive a small credit. This isn’t specific to bloggers. Anyone can get a referral link (even you!). *Be sure to check out the info about the Rockettes Fancy Box on their site for full details, pricing, contact info, etc.

Update 12/29/2014: Fancy emailed me today to say that they’re no longer shipping the Fancy Box. So, I canceled my subscription and have removed my referral link from this post. I have been eyeing a different subscription box, so I’ll post a review if I test it out.

Thanks for reading! And thank you to the Rockettes for gifting me the Fancy Box. I loved it!

Own Your Strength Shirt and Apparel Discount


In case you missed it, the Own Your Strength Shirt design is now available in The Chic Life Spreadshirt shop (click to view t-shirt and tank top options).

Own Your Strength Shirt

One of the other Own Your Strength shirt design options had a ton of votes, too, and also has a different feel, so I’m hoping to add that to the shop later. Plus, I had a couple other ideas for fun shirts I’m hoping to roll out in the next couple days (or maybe tonight?!), including one fun one that I think will be fun to wear at Zumba Convention.

I’ve talked before about why I like the Own Your Strength line, but I really do feel like it’s an empowering message that you can take with you from everyday life to the gym. Many people look for strength without realizing how strong they already are. Own Your Strength!


From now till August 12th, save 20% on orders over $30 with discount code SUMMER14. Happy shopping! :)

Live Chic Tanks and Tees and FitBloggin Prep


It’s been a busy last few weeks, but here are some things going on.

Live Chic Tank Top

I’ve been dreaming about designing some inspirational tank tops and t-shirts to wear from studio-to-street for awhile now. I looked into getting some shirts printed from a local printer, but I don’t think that will work for me…for now. If I only had one or two main designs, I think the local printer would have been a good route to take. But, I have so many ideas for designs in my head and not enough money to print them all.

I decided to open a Spreadshirt shop to test the waters so I can upload as many designs as I want. I only have one design up right now, but I have another designed (we have two options – I’ll do a vote soon to see which one you guys like more) and more in my head!

Click here to check out The Chic Life Spreadshirt Shop!

T-Shirt Delivery of Live Chic Tanks

I decided to do a small order of tank tops and t-shirts to see how they look in person. My delivery came just in time for me to take them to Fitbloggin later this week!

Live Chic Tank Top

Here’s the first design – “Live Chic”. It’s a reminder to live the chic life every day!

Live Chic Tank Top

I got a couple extra tanks and tees in black, gray, and pink to giveaway at FitBloggin.

My FitBloggin HTML CSS Presentation

Speaking of FitBloggin, I’m presenting at this year’s conference! I’m covering Intro to HTML and CSS for Bloggers. Click here to read a description of my presentation. Here’s a sneak peek. I’m putting the final touches on my presentation, but I’m super excited…and nervous! Cross your fingers that the presentation goes okay!

Does anyone have any HTML and CSS questions? Let me know in a comment or tweet me @thechiclife.


I leave for FitBloggin later today. Savannah, here I come! Can’t wait to meet everyone at the conference!

Thanks for stopping by!

Green Jeans – Scores and Sales {SouthPark – Spring 2014}


Hey Guys!

I thought I’d share a little bit more about the results of the latest Green Jeans sale I participated in – the 2014 spring SouthPark event. I’ll start with some highlights from my experience as a shopper and end with my seller results.

Green Jeans Shopping Scores

Here are some of the great finds I purchased…

Green Jeans Purchase

I spotted these sparklies when I was volunteering in the designer section. I managed to resist them at first, but once I was able to purchase them for half off ($8) on the second day, I had to get them. They’re a little on the heavy side for me, but I was willing to take a risk for such a low price.

Green Jeans Purchase

I saw this bright pink Rachel Pally dress when I was helping break down the room. It was on a rack that was marked to be donated and literally right in front of my face as I was helping move the rack. Since this one was only $14.25 (the price tag said the retail is $198!), I thought even if it doesn’t work as a dress, I can use it as a beach or pool cover-up.

Green Jeans Purchase

Here’s another find from my last day of volunteering. Someone put this army green top on the return rack after trying it on, and it caught my eye. I’m a sucker for over-sized t-shirts. This Cynthia Rowley shirt was only $2.50 since it was half off day, so I quickly added it to the rack for holds to purchase after my shift.

Green Jeans Purchase

This black Ya Los Angeles dress with a studded “belt” was a try-on-just-for-fun item. But, once it was on, I really liked it. I noticed the dress had an interesting cut at the hips that jutted out just a bit in a way that I found really unique. The half off price of only $12.75 definitely made the sale worthwhile for me. I’m thinking it will be fun to wear on a date night.

Green Jeans Purchase

Here’s one of the few things I purchased “full price.” One of the other volunteers handed me this pretty patterned wrap dress to try on, and I just loved it. It’s a Boden, and it was only $19.50. I can’t wait to wear this to work this summer! The purchase inspired me to order the catalog, which came just a couple days later. The style is a little preppy for what I’m wearing these days, but I may find something cute to wear to work.

Green Jeans Purchase

And here’s another item I waited to go half off before I pounced – a beautiful zig-zag Missoni shawl. Missoni! I scored this for only $35! Woohoo!

I purchased a couple other great items, but I thought I’d just share a couple of the stand outs.


Green Jeans Sales Results

Green Jeans Results

I don’t think I’ve shared much information on my consignor results in the past, but I thought some of you (especially you Charlotteans!) may find it interesting.

Here are my results selling at the spring 2014 Green Jeans event:

  • Of all the items I took to the consignor drop off, 8 weren’t accepted to the sale.
  • I had 114 items in the sale (between hanging items, shoes, belts, scarves, etc.).
  • After the sale, 5 items were returned as not-sellable (items can get marked during the sale if they’re found to be too worn, have defects, etc.).
  • I sold 24 items with a consignor percentage of 75% (thanks to all those volunteer shifts).
  • All in all, I made $291.56 and more space in my house!

I got really geeky with my sales info this time around. I copied it all and pasted it into a spreadsheet where I could create all kinds of pivot charts and reports. I found that I sold items that had been transferred from almost every past sale (I’ve done 5 total now). This happens almost every time I sell with GJ, which is why I always do the pick-up and transfer the items to the next sale. The kink with this strategy is that you have to bring all that stuff back to your house and hold onto it. Since I have an extra closet, this isn’t a problem for me currently. I also calculated average price per item by category, number of items sold by day, and number of items sold by category…among other things I won’t bore you with.

I had another great Green Jeans sale! I only wish I had participated in the Lake Norman one, too, because I probably would have made closer to $500 total! Ahh…at least there is plenty of time to prepare for the fall sales!


Have you had any luck consigning at a shopping event or local consignment shop?

Anyone else doing a major spring clean purge of their closets? Don’t forget to check out my 3 rules for closet purging if and when you do!

Thanks for reading!

Insta-Chic {5-4-2014}


Phew! It’s been quite a weekend! Hope you all had a great one.


After working Friday, I rushed home to quickly eat some pizza before heading off to volunteer at Green Jeans. When you volunteer with GJ, you can earn some additional percentage (5-10% depending on your hours) of your sales. I opted to work three three-hour shifts, one on each day of the weekend. The Friday shift went by pretty quickly. I worked the designer booth and got to scope out the goodies there. I picked out a couple things to gamble on. If they were there the next night when I’d have early access to the half off shopping, I’d think about getting them.


The next morning, my dance fitness company led the warm up for the AIDS Walk and then participated in the two mile walk. The weather couldn’t have been better for the event! We started at Gateway Village and then headed straight into uptown and back. We had a rolling speaker blasting music that got the crowd around us going. It was a beautiful walk.


I snapped a photo of this sign while we were on the walk. I love the message – “Celebrate everyone!”


Post-walk lunch was Viva Chicken. Yum!


And my friend Sarah and I picked up Fourth Ward Bread Company’s new kronuts for dessert. I thought kronuts were supposed to be cut like donuts, but this one was more like a fried croissant rolled in cinnamon sugar. It didn’t have the same layers the previous version did, but it tasted good.

After lunch, I headed off with more of my dance friends for a two-hour Sales & Procedures training session that I led. Training went well, and we even ended a little bit early, which was great because I wanted a little breather before my next Green Jeans shift.


I had a 6-9pm volunteer shift at Green Jeans. The shifts are really fun because you get to work with and talk to cool people…and play with clothes. It reminded me a bit of my days working retail at J. Crew, but here you see the same volunteers from event to event. So, it’s nice to see the familiar faces and catch up.


I managed to get a little shopping done after my shift. This is an added bonus of volunteering – it takes a little less time because you’ve already helped put clothes back and sort racks and know what’s there instead of digging through later. Just a tip for any of you considering consigning at the fall event.


Sunday morning was my big break in the weekend. Hubby and I had breakfast on our back porch. We have to enjoy the spring weather out there while we can because soon it will be so humid and hot. Not to mention the mosquitos and other bugs will be in full force very shortly.


My last shift of the Green Jeans sale was Sunday afternoon where I worked the last hour of the sale and then two hours of breakdown. Breakdown consisted of sorting for the first bit. I like organizing things, so I enjoyed it. They had a really thorough system, and everyone was hustling. I stayed a little late to help sort, which worked out well because all of my things were ready to take home, so I didn’t have to come back during the official pick-up.

And above are my leftovers from the sale. I’ll do a recap post about how sales went. And I need to do one for the things I bought, too! I found some goodies at this sale, including a beautiful designer shawl. Can’t wait to share!

Have a great week, everyone!

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