Inspired by the amazing finds over at Artsy Craftsy Babe recently, I decided to go thrifting last week.  I haven’t had the best luck with my local thrift shops, but I keep hope up that I will find something amazing every time I go and every once in awhile I get lucky…although, usually, I don’t find much…especially in the way of linens.  Where are all the fab vintage linens I see other people thrifting all the time? As I expected, I didn’t find nearly as many awesome finds as she did, but I did score two really cool vintage pillowcases in pretty darn good condition.  When taking these photos, I noticed a small hole in one of the pillowcase sides, but hey, I’m not complaining.


I also found a pretty cool flat sheet with a light-toned, yet adorable pattern.  I also found a long light blue pillowcase that, amazingly, coordinated with the vintage ones with the cute flowers.


I also found this beautiful, red table cloth.  It looks kinda vintage, but It’s Laura Ashley.  Can Laura Ashley be vintage?  Not sure…but, I do know it’s really pretty!  I’m not sure what kind of food to cook with this.  It almost makes me think Mexican…or a good steak and potatoes meal.  What do you think?  What kind of food would you expect to be served on this table cloth?