Salut, mes amis!  I did it!  I finished another project…and you guys thought I never would.  Ha!  I showed you!  What’s that?  You did think I’d finish a project?  Ok, well then…I guess you showed me…Ha!?

Anywho, I finished making the Polly Beret (an original Alicia Paulson design). It was such a fun pattern and the finished product is super-cute.  If you know how to crochet, you should get this pattern when it goes on sale…I’m a beginner, and I made my way through it, so any level crocheter should enjoy it.  I even got to wear my beret to work yesterday…my little creation has seen daylight!  I noticed the other day…it’s the strangest thing, really…something about this beret is making me kiss-y.


Maybe because a beret is French and French people like to kiss?  Berets are French, right?  And French people like to kiss, right?


I don’t know for certain, but I do know this beret is making Bailey pretty kiss-y, too!

Although, now that I think about it, the kids on the playground used to call me "The Kiss-y Girl."  Yea…I chased the boys around the playground and tried to kiss them.  We’re talking 3rd…maybe 4th grade.  Pretty embarrassing stuff, huh?  Good thing we moved to a different state in 4th grade, and no one remembers me as that any more.  How hard would that be to live down?