All Tuckered Out

I was watching TV the other night – it was one of my first "free nights" and by "free" I mean that I had just finished several things that absolutely had to go out the door asap the night before and that this was a night where I could put other things off and procrastinate a bit.  Anywho, so I’m watching TV and I look down to see what Bailey was up to, and this was what I saw:


The little guy was all tuckered out and napping by the back door.  See the blue bone toy?  The one in his mouth?  Yea, he fell asleep with the bone in his mouth!  Can you believe it?  So cute!  I just had to sneak up on him and snap a quick picture.

1 thought on “All Tuckered Out”

  1. poor poor puppy! you don't let him sleep in peace! 🙂

    Seriously, this picture is adorable! everytime I look at something like this I think "thank god, I have a pet" 🙂


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