Building the Stash

I’ve been building my fabric stash for awhile now…at least 2 years, and my how it has grown!  Recently, I got some pretty new fabrics from some craft shopping sprees at Hobby Lobby and JoAnns – here are a few of my goodies:


Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy with the wedding planning, work, and everything else that I only have time to take longing glances at my freshly washed and ready to sew fabrics.  I don’t have time to do anything with them!  The most frustrating day was President’s Day b/c I actually had it off (I get bank holidays), so I had planned to clean up the house a bit and make something with my yummy fabrics.  As life tends to work out, that didn’t happen.  Other stuff just kept coming out of the woodwork that needed to be handled first.  Oh well…I’ll just keep plugging through my to-do list and maybe some free time will pop up.  Let’s hope! 🙂

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