“Always” Bracelet

When I first started making jewelry, I used to make these cool bracelets called "Mother’s Bracelets."  Have you heard of them?  They’re quite brilliant, actually.  No, I didn’t make them up (I think the concept has been around for awhile), but I made my own Mother’s Bracelet designs. 🙂  Anywho, the basic concept is that you get silver sterling cube letters in the name of your child and then put various sterling beads with colored beads in the child’s birthstone color around the letters.  People often will add more than one strand to their bracelet – one per child.  The biggest I’ve made was a four strand for a mom with four kids – it was quite pretty.  These style bracelets make great gifts and are really just so sweet.  Who wouldn’t want one?  I mean, I wouldn’t, but that’s because I don’t have kids.  Instead, I made a Mother’s Bracelet style bracelet but with my name and my birthstone crystals.

Over time I phased out the Mother’s Bracelets, but recently, I’ve started thinking of bringing them back.  They will be a pain to add to my web site, but they are really feel good things to make – the moms who get these LOVE them.  I made one of these Mother’s Bracelet style bracelets recently for a good friend’s little sister’s birthday (that was long).  He was so impressed with it that he asked me to make one for his girlfriend for Valentine’s.  He said she wouldn’t like her own name in the bracelet, but he came up with the idea of putting "ALWAYS" in the bracelet instead.  How sweet?  We used purple crystals for the accent color because purple is her favorite color.


This is a design board I work on from time to time.  I usually use it when I’m trying to lay out a specific design, and a Mother’s Bracelet is a very specific design.  I like to either have a photo of the bracelet design I’m using or the actual design in front of me so I get the pattern right.  I guess that doesn’t make much sense unless you saw my other designs, but basically, I created roughly five designs and each had the same pattern except I’d switch out the letters and the crystal colors.


I think the finished product came out pretty nice, eh?  Hopefully, I get feedback tomorrow.

Hey, Mother’s Day is coming up soon so if you want one, send this blog post to your SO and drop a hint.  I don’t have these on my web site, but I’d be happy to work through the order via email (thechiclife at gmail dot com).  They’re pretty straightforward and simple and best of all for the guys – no shopping required!  At least they wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of their home!

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    How much are you charging for these bracelets? I was thinking of getting one for myself with mine and my husband's name on it (is that corny?) but we will be married 10 yrs soon (we met late in life) & I'd love to wear our names on a bracelet.


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